Andre 3000 Gives N*E*R*D His First Verse Of 2017 (Audio)

In two separate recent interviews, André 3000 has suggested that he feels out of place with making Hip-Hop music in 2017. Citing his age and a season in his life where he recently lost his parents while sending his son to college, Dre is experimenting. The Rap legend confirms he has vaults of records but does not feel compelled to release all of his music or create when’s not inspired. Instead, he’s a fashion designer for Tretorn while also pursuing his acting interests. In a decade away from releasing albums, 2017 seemed to be 3 Stacks’ most limited output yet.

Now, that changes. Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shay have taken a similar hiatus with N*E*R*D. Upon the November release of the music video for their Rihanna collabo’, they are most definitely back. Today (December 15), they release their fifth LP, No_One Ever Really Dies. Along with songs featuring Gucci Mane, Wale and Kendrick Lamar (twice), “Rollinem 7’s,” brings Andre 3000 back on the microphone that he’s rocked for 25 years and counting.

Dre channels his rapping abilities in the closing minute of the dice-game-themed song. With a commanding delivery, the Outkast member nods to his acting talent, compares himself to a honey bee, and admits he cannot imagine a ‘hood in harmony.

Using strong symbolism, he then describes living in fear. “I panoramic, look around, I be on edge / And eggshells, yeah I’m an omelette, a quiche / I catch hell, they throwin’ fireballs to me / My b*tch yell, ‘P*ssy, leave my baby alone’ / I’m like, ‘Look girl, get your ass inside, now go on’ / I would miss her if I knocked this piggy off / But I deserve the same as white ni**as, I thought…” The N*E*R*D creation is huge on dynamic rhythms, and substance thanks to an André 3000 appearance that is worth waiting for.

This song (and whole album) debuted in November at ComplexCon in Long Beach, California.