Big K.R.I.T. Flips Nas’ 1996 Message Into A Freestyle For The Ages (Video)

Big K.R.I.T. appeared on Sway In The Morning this week to promote his new double-album 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time. After discussing the Multi Alumni release with Sway, Heather B, and Tracy G, the acclaimed Mississippi artist could not leave without dropping some freestyle flavor. And boy, did he ever.

As a producer, some of K.R.I.T.’s beat creations can be described as derivatives of UGK, Dungeon Family, or Eightball & MJG. Perhaps to try something different, DJ Wonder drops the needle (just ahead of the 33:00-mark) on the instrumental to Nas’ “The Message.” The 1996 It Was Written single is produced by The Trackmasters and it stands the test of time. Krizzle channels some of the same drama that Nasir Jones did in the chord progressions as he begins, “My conception / I been different and eclectic / I’ve done more than what’s expected / That’s in a world with no perspective / That’s in a time with no perception / I made do with the lesson / The one or twos or the lesser / Had 25s on the dresser / Yessir / I’m talkin’ lighters / No need for biters / And reminiscin’ / I gave you knowledge they sold to me, hope you paid attention.

He later moves into some candy wordplay, “I’m a kid in the candy store, despite that I’m grown / When it comes to this Rap sh*t, a lot of Whatchamacallits, Twixin’, and snap quick / I guess the hunger for fame will make you back-flip / So while they’re snickering and bickering, I know my worth / Like that last peppermint in my granny’s purse / Or like a warm shoulder when I used to sleep in church / Or what I was destined to be as soon as my birth / King / So as far as I’m concerned, f*ck these haters for life / They the type to f*ck a h*e and probably pay for it twice / Take her out, ate her, and after, got her a wipe / You only get a thumbs up when ni**as have to go swipe / Past your sh*t / Now ask yourself is this what you want? / Old half-ass ni**as always do, but they don’t.

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The veteran MC finishes with gusto, “I’m a southern motherf*cka flip an East Coast flow / I’m the product of the slaves that couldn’t leave my coast / You got me f*cked up to think that you’re better / You couldn’t expose a G if you Louis’d the letters / C.K.s, rang out / I’m a wolf with my fangs out / Hold up, Sway, I heard this where the sheep hang out / It’s strange now / But stranger things still happen / In this upside down world we in, I’m ’bout that action / Talkin’ seven 7Elevens, couldn’t stop me / That’s 539 one-times, copy / I seen it / I’m the Albert Einstein of Rap, genius.” The freestyle winds down with K.R.I.T. rapping that involves equally clever wordplay about Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, and Chris Tucker.

Big K.R.I.T.’s 2014 “Mt. Olympus” video single positioned himself at the top of the Rap class. This freakish freestyle shows that he may remain the king of the mountain.