Joyner Lucas Takes The Drug Pushing Rappers Of His Generation To Task (Audio)

Joyner Lucas is an MC who likes causes and concepts. Last week, the Worcester, Massachusetts native released the captivating video to “I’m Not Racist.”  That symbolic visual created a dramatic face-off out of some of the conversations that exist on social media and used Lucas’ songwriting to put the two very different racial perspectives to verse.

This week, the Atlantic Records artist appears to be on a new mission. He remixes Lil Pump’s Top 3 smash hit “Gucci Gang” into an indictment against rappers celebrating the numbed-out high-life in their rhymes. Joyner spits, “All you new rappers don’t be talkin’ ’bout sh*t except doin’ drugs / Wonder how you got a name, damn / Sippin’ lean, takin’ E, Percocets, purple drank, Xanax, everything sound the same, f*ck / Bunch of drug addicts in the house of pain, woo / Hope you ni**as suffer til you pop a vein, yeah / This sh*t made your mother wanna ovulate, yeah / This sh*t make your doctors wanna stop a train.” He also spits “What’s a Lil Pump to a rocket flame? / Turn your pink dreads to pocket change” in the song’s bridge.

Using 17-year-old Pump’s beat (produced by Bighead and Knealz), the song raises questions. In the original (released in October) the Miami, Florida sensation raps about his “b*tch” loving cocaine, his “lean costing more than your rent,” and “takin’ meds” with his grandmother. With 234MM YouTube plays and growing, the message is being broken down and distributed. Joyner Lucas hopes to combat that message, clowning pill-poppin’ in his song, while also scoffing at all the brand-boasting in the original song’s chorus.

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Today Joyner Lucas declared the song is “not a diss” to Pump, Desiigner, Future, or Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA.” However, the lyrics tell another story. When unveiling his remix take, Lucas tweeted, “Shots Fired…”

In the remix, the Busta Rhymes collaborator adds, “Atlantic told me that my flow a hundred / But my album ain’t come unless I got a f*ckin’ single / Well I don’t give a f*ck about no hit record / I’ma just remix y’all sh*t and get big off it / I’ma just murder every motherf*cking beat while I’m dreaming of gettin’ paid in my motherf*ckin’ sleep, god damn.

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Both Joyner and Pump are in the Warner Music Group family. Joyner recently released 508-507-2209, while Pump dropped an eponymous LP.