Murs’ New Video Is For Those Who Are Down & Cannot Get Into The Holiday Season

Murs is not new to putting his life into his art. On those early DIY albums, the Los Angeles, California MC pulled no punches when talking about violence in the streets, the perils of love, or his frustrations with less-deserving rappers always getting more looks. Down the line, 2015’s Have A Nice Life joins Nas’ Life Is Good as a divorce-themed Rap album from a trusted voice.

In the closing days of 2017, Murray reveals some elements of his personal life that even his biggest fans may not know. “On 3/16 (my birthday), I’ll be putting out my most personal album ever,” he says on Instagram. “I’ve been through a lot in the past couple of years, from a divorce, to the death of my newborn son.” Murs’ heartfelt statement continues, “‘Melancholy’ is the first step on A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable, my new album produced entirely by Michael ‘Seven’ Summers…I know it’s the holiday season, and for those of you grieving, feeling alone, or for whatever reason can’t quite get into the holiday spirit, this one’s for you. And for those of you that are in the holiday spirit, consider this an early gift from Seven and myself.”

The visual to “Melancholy” finds Murs, in an A Tribe Called Quest hoodie, performing at a secluded night club. The rhymes are the most colorful aspect of this moment, as the MC admits he battles depression. He raps about struggling with therapy, prescriptions, and the overall doldrums. The tone of the song is not woe-is-me. Rather, Murs seems to just want those around him to accept that when he’s not in smiling spirits to know that he has good reason. During a holiday season where death, loss, heartbreak, poverty, and loneliness can feel intensified, Murs delivers a song with an upbeat track from Seven that gets the Holiday Blues too.

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Kansas City, Missouri-based Seven is best known for producing most of Tech N9ne’s music and becoming the leader of Strange Music’s in-house sound. Previously, Murs has made full albums with 9th Wonder, Ski Beatz, Terrace Martin, and !MAYDAY!, as well as Felt LPs produced by The Grouch, Ant, and Aesop Rock.

In 2017, Murs released Captain California on Strange.