Apathy Battles Aliens With Battlestar Bars On A Nottz Beat (Audio Premiere)

It doesn’t matter what planet you’re from, no one is safe from Apathy in “Alien Weaponry.” The first single off his forthcoming LP, The Widow’s Son is produced by Nottz, and the beat is just bizarre enough to take the edge of Ap’s sharp tongue.

This track nods to the Demigodz MC’s original name (and album), The Alien Tongue. Heads may recall seeing the rapper/producer credited as such on those early, cult-lauded Jedi Mind Tricks releases. On top of the many plays on extraterrestrial life, the song is also peppered with many pop culture and obscure Rap reference (think Stranger Things’ “Demogorgon,” E.T.’s “Elliot,” or the Ultramagnetic MCs’ Four Horsemen). Although the Connecticut MC’s lyrics provide a metaphorical scavenger hunt, he does it without a trace of corniness, instead, he’s goes straight for the throat: “You outgunned / Outshined / Must be out your mind / Raps is putrid / Ap’ is stupid / Slap the fluid out your spine.

Apathy Does Not Care If People Pay Attention. He’s A D.I.Y. Success (Video)

The heavily layered and intricately structured beat comes from a producer who has worked with everyone in the game from Busta Rhymes and Kanye West to AZ and Little Brother. As the producer’s producer (and a double-threat like Ap’), Nottz has had a hand in much of Rap’s iconography, and this latest for Apathy ranks high in his arsenal.

“Alien Weaponry” comes only a few short months after Apathy dropped his collaborative project, Perestroika with D.I.T.C. member O.C. His sixth solo release, Widow’s Son is set to drop on March 2, 2018 and boasts features and production from Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Pharoahe Monch, Buckwild, M.O.P., Celph Titled, and more.  With the intense roster of talent and the shots fired from “Alien Weaponry,” it seems like Ap’ is ready for battle.