Cozz Reverses Roles And Arrests The Cops In His New Video

Only days after dropping his new single, “Questions,” the Dreamville MC, Cozz delivered the accompanying visuals. The simple premise doesn’t offer the usual imagery to a song. Instead, “Questions” weaves a loose story-line that will inspire fans to ask additional questions.

In the video, Cozz turns his inquiries into an interrogation. Flipping the script, he and his squad check the cops for their bad behavior. Sipping 40s rather than coffee, Cody Macc and company arrest, book and jail a lineup of uniformed police officers.

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The short video concludes with a well-timed citizen’s arrest of some cops harassing seemingly innocent men, which may be the most conceptually telling part of the video. Cozz even goes as far as tasing one of his suspects in the back.

Previously, T.I., Snoop Dogg, and Big K.R.I.T. have been among the artists to demonstrate role-reversals with crooked cops.

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“Questions” is the first single from Cozz’ forthcoming album, Effected. In 2014, he dropped Cozz & Effect, featuring J. Cole and Bas.