Dreamville’s Cozz Has Questions As He Gets Closer To His Rap Dreams (Audio)

Cody Osagie, better known as Cozz, has a lot of “Questions.” The Los Angeles, California Dreamville MC’s latest single poses quite a few queries about the industry, the idiosyncrasies of others and the future of Rap in general.

One of J. Cole’s longer-tenured artists dropped Nothin’ Personal exactly two years ago on the Dreamville imprint, and he’s been taking his time in doling out music since. “Questions” is short and sweet, but it drills home Cody Macc’s frustrations. The Soul Professa-produced song provides a simple foundation, in which Cozz builds up stamina, explaining his inquisitiveness. “I ask questions first / I don’t want to second guess sh*t.

The way the clever lyricist poses his questions allows listeners to read in between the lines to answer them. Although he poses some interesting Q’s, the most inflammatory of his verses comes in a statement: “It’s an emergency / Rap need a savior / And I think I could save it / But look / Ain’t no one heard of me.

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And with lines like that, he’s doing his best to change that.