Fabolous & Jadakiss’ New Video Is A Scary Movie For Lesser MCs

Late last year, Fabolous and Jadakiss released their collaboration album, Friday On Elm Street, a project that was several years in the making. The long-anticipated LP was a play on their first names, Freddy and Jason, and the 1980s horror film characters Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, from the movie franchises A Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th, respectively.

Now, the duo release their first video from the album, for its “F vs. J Intro.” True to the LP’s theme, the visual is a mini-horror film, with each MC assuming the identity of his fictional character. Fab is shown wearing Freddy’s trademark hat, striped sweater and razor blade glove and Jada is clad in a creepy hockey mask, similar to the one Jason used to hide his face. Throughout, they rain terror down on unsuspecting victims.

The track is certainly one of the more sinister on the project, with its dark cinematic chords and menacing laughter in the background, during Fab’s verse. Halfway through, the beat switches to a more stripped down boom bap track for Jadakiss, but the keys remain designed to unsettle.

Friday On Elm Street is not just one note, however. There are a number of styles and sounds on the project, some of which can be heard here on Ambrosia For Heads’ Spotify playlist.