Jon Connor Is Dr. Dre’s Next Lyrical Monster. Get Ready For The Aftermath (Audio)

At the beginning of Jon Connor’s first track of his own in over a year Dr. Dre sets the stage for the drama that the Flint, Michigan MC is about to bring. The Aftermath Entertainment artist since 2013 will be dropping Vehicle City this year, and the first single, “I’m Back” is not only a proclamation, it’s a threat.

Although Dre provides the introduction, he does little by way of manipulating the instrumental from Lil’ Kim’s ’96 hit, “Queen B@#$H.” (The same production was recently revisited by Remy Ma and Lil Kim on the 2017 track, “Wake Me Up.”) However, the Great Lakes State MC does this classic beat justice by bucking on rappers with his aggressively poignant rapid-fire spit.

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Vehicle City, named for Jon’s hometown, has been hinting at release for about a year, and “I’m Back” comes as the first tidbit off of the highly anticipated project.

Connor appeared on two songs on Dre’s 2015 Compton LP. “One Shot, One Kill” gave Heads a taste of Connor’s sound on some of Andre Young’s celebrated production. In 2017, the MC worked with Dizzy Wright, DJ Paul, and Kay Slay, among others.

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As J.C. releases his first official song in more than a year, the world also waits to hear Anderson .Paak’s first solo single since inking with the ‘Math in 2016.