T.Y.E. Shows His Infatuation With Escapism On “Playground” (Video)

Last year saw T.Y.E. Harris drop his thematic album 32: a cohesive project that saw the Opera-trained MC/singer flip between emotive raps about his bipolar disorder, neighborhood upbringing, and brain chemistry. The Dallas, Texas-raised artist hails from the city’s Oak Cliff neighborhood, seemingly using his music to boost toward an escape from his environment and, at times, his mental health. He cleverly evokes a broader arena of Hip-Hop, combining his bravado singing voice and breakneck flow techniques into something more distinct.

32 stands as bipolar as T.Y.E. Songs like “Aliens & UFOs” and “Unusual” teeter on aggressive flows and delivery, while tracks like “Eternity / Real Eyes” and “Universe” feel more reserved, yet vicious in their own laid-back right. Today, the MC drops a single titled “Playground” that feels more like the later, exploring the imaginative mind of T.Y.E. and depicting the rapper’s infatuation with escapism.

T.Y.E Is An Opera Singer Who Can Rap With The Best Of Them (Video)

I’m an introvert, it’s not separable / I distance myself from people when I’m not comfortable,” the rapper proclaims, as visuals shot by DanceDailey paint three versions of the artist hanging out at a playground, surrounded only by himself. T.Y.E. goes on to expose fakes and explore his own introspective ideas, comparing his mind to that of a playground and delivering a few therapeutic verses for all to hear.

T.Y.E.’s sophomore album, Incapable, is due out soon on POW Recordings.

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Photo by Dance Dailey.

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