Skillz Sets Off 2018 By Dissing Uncle Murda For Copying His Rap Up Concept (Audio)

For Hip-Hop Heads, the last days of the year have long belonged to an annual Skillz song. For nearly two decades, the Virginia MC, DJ, and the University Of Richmond’s Artist In Residence has deftly created his “Year End Rap” at the close of the calendar. Many followers of the culture know that if something doesn’t make this witty, creative, and often enlightening verse, “it didn’t really happen.” As he’s done for much of the millennium, Skillz closed out 2017 in style.

Brooklyn, New York veteran Uncle Murda is the latest artist to try his hand at Skillz’ concept. This has happened for years with an array of artists, known and not. However, the G-Unit artist also told The Breakfast Club that he and Skillz were “arguing” online. Murda said, “I told him, ‘I took your sh*t, homie. You know how Brooklyn do. I took your sh*t.'” Right as DJ Envy asks what Skillz had to say in response, the MC’s scathing diss record begins.

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For his answer, Skillz travels back to 1998’s “Murdergram” track by JAY-Z (an Uncle Murda collaborator), DMX, and Ja Rule. It’s a clever choice, as Skillz’ “Murdagram” aims to assassinate the character of the BK MC over Ty Fyffe’s menacing beat.

Skillz is “mad” again. He takes umbrage with Uncle Murda as well as respected 30-year-veteran DJ Clark Kent. The opening verse in the song alleges that in 2015, Clark contacted Skillz, claiming that Murda felt as though the VA MC was biting his year-end concept. In turn, he suggested a collaboration. Skillz takes Heads back to that call in verse: “I’m like, ‘Clark. You must be faded / Why the f*ck would I collab’ on some sh*t that I created?’ / Y’all jaded / If you don’t get the f*ck off my phone / And tell that old-faced-ass ni**a to leave me alone / Get gone.’” He compares the suggestion to 21 Savage asking Clark to get permission from JAY-Z for a rendition of “22 Two’s.”

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Skillz’ anger is palpable. After Murda allegedly told the famed “Ghostwriter” that he “fell off” in a direct message, the rapper fires back. Skillz criticizes U.M.’s year-end reach and calls the East New York native an embarrassment to his borough of Brooklyn. He makes fun of Uncle Murda’s first name and his switch to using “Lenny Grant.” It gets personal as he spits venom: “I’m still V-A, I’m still that ni**a / I’m still M-A-D, where your skills at, ni**a? / I heard you got popped, and you ain’t peel that ni**a / Whoever told you you should change your name, you should kill that ni**a / Lenny Grant [laughs] I can’t leave that alone / That sh*t read like it’s on the side of a funeral home / Ladies and gents / This ni**a gettin’ washed and rinsed / Now if you a junior, then that name makes sense / Respect to your dad, that’s the least I could do / Actually, hmmm, nah. F*ck him too.

The diss goes on to charge that Murda signed to G-Unit 10 years too late and that he’s been shot and releases a project called Respect The Shooter. Skillz says that the former Roc-A-Fella artist isn’t a Top 20 BK MC either. Then he lists handfuls of Brooklyn spitters that are better, from M.O.P. to Masta Ace, Joey Bada$$ to Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo to Fabolous as all better. Even down to his closing line, “Spread love, it’s the Virginia way,” Skillz makes his point heard and cares not about feelings.

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It will be interesting to see if anybody else steps up on December 31, 2018.