Skillz Releases His 2017 Rap Up & It’s An Epic End To A Crazy Year (Audio)

As years come to a close, no Hip-Hop tradition has become more anticipated that Skillz’s annual Rap Up. After much cajoling, the VA MC has released his 2017 installment, and it does not disappoint.

More than just a summary of the year’s events, Skillz’s song often provides much needed reminders and context for the madness that has ensued over the past 12 months. This year, he uses 50 Cent’s “Big Rich Town,” better known as the theme from Power, as his soundtrack, and he touches on everything from pop culture highlights to major world events. Skillz’s topics include:

– Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s breakup
– The Academy Awards fiasco where La La Land was incorrectly named the winner of the Best Picture Award, before
Moonlight was rightfully recognized
The box office and cultural impact of Jordan Peele’s film, Get Out
– The race relations fiasco that ensued around Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad
LaVar Ball’s dominance over the sports media hype machine
Issa Rae’s triumphant return with season 2 of Insecure
Tiffany Haddish breakout performance in Girls Trip
Joe Budden and Migos’ internet-breaking standoff at the BET Awards
Kevin Hart’s well-publicized marital indiscretions
The Floyd Mayweather, Jr./Conor McGregor “Fight Of The Century”
The #metoo movement that ushered in a wave of sexual misconduct allegations that have become a seismic paradigm shift in the workplace
The boycotts that occurred in support of and against Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest
The harsh sentences Meek Mill received after violating the terms of his probation
JAY-Z’s public airing out of his family feud with Kanye West
The Ma$e/Cam’ron beef
Eminem’s freestyle takedown of Donald Trump
Black Thought’s epic 10-minute freestyle
and much, much more.

Listen to Skillz’s Rap Up and take a trip down memory lane of the year that was 2017.