Shaq Comes Out Of Rap Retirement To Ether LaVar Ball. Technical Foul! (Audio)

Over the last couple of months Shaquille O’Neal and LaVar Ball, two of basketball’s most colorful personalities, have been exchanging sharp words. Shaq, one of the most dominant big men to ever play the sport, took issue with the Ball family’s decision to price the sneakers of LaVar’s son, Lonzo Ball, this year’s #2 overall draft pick in the NBA, at $500 a pair. When Shaq learned of the shoes’ cost in May, he tweeted to LaVar “Hey @Lavarbigballer real big baller brands don’t over charge kids for shoes.” LaVar, who has quickly established himself as one of the most outspoken people in sports, never responded to Shaq’s criticism but, earlier this month, he did say that he and his son LaMelo would “kill Shaq and Shareef,” Shaq’s son, presumably in a game of basketball. O’Neal did not respond to Ball’s post, but, apparently, Ball awakened a slumbering giant (literally), and he has brought Shaq out of retirement. However, O’Neal is not accepting Ball’s challenge for a game of two on two (yet). Instead, he’s sharpened his Shaq Fu and gotten back behind the mic.

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As fans know, Shaq was not just a hobbyist as an MC. The big man was arguably the best ball player to get behind the microphone. In his heyday in the 90s, Shaq had tracks with RZA, Method Man, Phife Dawg, Erick Sermon, Redman, Fu-Schnickens and more. He released 3 albums, with the first going all the way to #25 on the Billboard album chart. Today, he showed that Shaq the MC is still diesel, as he unleashed a 3-minute diss of Ball over Jay-Z’s “Blueprint (Momma Loves Me).”

On the untitled track, Shaq wastes no time in getting right to the source of his beef. “Dudes talking loud, I don’t understand / Walking around like they the true Big Baller Brand / How you think that, I’m about to spit facts / I walk in Reebok in ’92, I came out with them Shaqs / I’ve been doing this a long time / When you was averaging two points, riding the pine / You see my t shirts, you see my feet work / Big baller brand, that was me first.”

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Shaq’s bars aren’t just reserved for Ball, though. He also serves up some words about former teammates, with lines like “Penny love me, Kobe hate me / D Wade tell me Pat Riley was gon’ trade me / That ain’t faze me, nothin’ faze me / Jerry Maguire with this flow – pay me.” Not only are the lines entertaining, Shaq uses them in the same cadence that JAY-Z does on the original song, where he raps phrases like “Momma loved me, pop left me.”

While Shaq has shown himself to be supremely engaging on and off the court, what makes this record so entertaining is that it’s just downright good. As Shaq says on the song, “Big Daddy Kane, no half-steppin.”

It will take quite a feat for Ball to top this. For now, he can’t stop the reign.