Star From “Star & Buc Wild” Replaces Joe Budden As “Everyday Struggle” Co-Host (Video)

In the closing days of 2017, Joe Budden announced his departure from The Everyday Struggle. The host, MC, and reality TV personality exited after he was not able to negotiate a new contract with Complex, who produces the weekday talk show. Co-hosts DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis used guests including G-Unit DJ Whoo Kid during Joe’s absence at the close of last year.

“There wasn’t very much to negotiate when I created the show, ’cause I just created a show. It wasn’t profitable at all. As a creator, I went into this venture with a vision for what it could become. What it quickly became was the best Hip-Hop show, ever—in my opinion, and I’m biased [Laughs] I don’t think ever before in Hip-Hop has their been a show where they’re just giving it up like that,” Joe said on his Joe Budden Podcast last month, of the show he co-created in mid-2017. “I do credit that to [DJ Akademiks] as well. That dynamic of the three of us, on screen, does not exist without everybody playing a part. I think that part, from day one, was disregarded and ignored by whoever it is that is running Complex.”

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Complex has now revealed the new personality sitting in the third chair for Everyday Struggle‘s second season. Radio veteran and author Troi “Star” Torain replaces Budden in this morning’s (January 22) episode.

Everyday Struggle begins the latest episode with a compilation of Joe Budden clips. “Listen, I just want to say [after] watching that clip that Joe [Budden] is my guy. He’ll always be my guy. We had great moments together. We made history together, and listen…I’m just here to make more history,” says DJ Akademiks after the footage plays. “Joe, we love you, you crazy fool,” adds Nadeska. Then, with a full camera shot of the set, they introduced Star as the new co-host.

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“I’m honored. I’m losing money, but I’m honored,” begins the New Jersey native. “Never mind that old sh*t from back in the days,” he says of his resume including during Nadeska’s introduction. “Objective perspective is what I’m bringin’ to the table.” The author of Objective Hate continues, “Joe’s a player-hater. I can break that down, but I’m not here to take shots at Joe. Joe’s a great guy.” As Akademiks describes Star as “a hater,” a name that Torain laid upon himself in the past, the new co-host interrupts, “Listen. Are you listening? [I am an] objective hater. There’s a difference between ‘objective [hating]’ and ‘player-hating,’ and I say that respectfully to Joe. Joe is a very accomplished MC and a rapper, so he would always be biased. I’m not biased with regards to anything that I say. I got no friends; I don’t give a f*ck about nobody, with regards to the genre, or as you would say, the culture [of Hip-Hop].”

The crew then discusses Drake’s latest diss to Joe Budden, “Diplomatic Immunity.”

Creator of The Star & Buc Wild Morning Show, Torain eventually became a syndicated radio personality on HOT 97 and later Power 105 during the 1990s and 2000s. The New Jersey native and co-host also took his talents to MTV.

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In May of 2006, Star made headline news after he was arrested and later dismissed from Power 105. The incident came after the host made on-air threats to rival radio personality DJ Envy (now of The Breakfast Club).

In the nearly dozen years since that parting of ways, Star has maintained a presence on radio (both Internet and terrestrial) and online video. In 2016, it was Star’s “Shot 97” platform that was instrumental in uncovering a sex scandal involving Afrika Bambaataa and members of the Universal Zulu Nation.