Joe Budden Says Eminem Did Not Diss Him & There Is No Beef (Video)

This week, a series of events have signaled one of 2018’s first Rap conflicts. Eminem’s “Chloraseptic (Remix)” verse was very clearly aimed at those who seem to be criticizing his latest direction and Revival album. Hours later, one of Em’s former D12 band-mates, and onetime Shady Records artists, Bizarre, said that the verse was a directed at Joe Budden and the Slaughterhouse member’s public critiques of Em’s new music. Soon after, 50 Cent, Em’s most successful protégé, also called out Joe.

In a clip from the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the Jersey City, New Jersey MC has plenty to say about all that transpired Monday and Tuesday. Most notably, he decries reports of any beef.

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Joined by co-hosts Rory and Mal, Joe addresses the news around the 3:00 mark. “My point is, I couldn’t have trashed the album I never heard!,” Joe states. He welcomed a child the same week Revival was released and claims he never heard Eminem’s ninth LP, in full. On December 13’s episode of Everyday Struggle, Joe did criticize the two singles heard ahead of the December 15 album release. “Throw it in rice…This is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. This is the first time in my life that I feel like the ball is being dropped on Eminem,” Joe said of “Walk On Water.” Of “Untouchable,” Budden reacted,“[Eminem], you will not use the plight of Black people to sell a f*cking record and widen your profit margin. Em’, I love and respect [you]. The things I learned from him is part of the reason I retired early, because if you’re at the top of Rap, I don’t want that…Em’ is surrounded by too many musical geniuses to put this quality of music out.”

On the recent podcast, Joe also says he never called out the album’s list of features. Apparently, in regard to his podcast show’s co-hosts, he says, “I was the lone person defending the tracklist…so much so that ni**as said, ‘Aw Joe, you d*ck-ridin’, man. You’re biased. You won’t say nothin’.’ So now, how come when [Eminem] replies to all of y’all, Joe is the one? [Laughs]” The show’s other hosts state their frustration with Eminem’s working with Pop superstars, after making his name calling out stars from the genre in the ’90s and early 2000s.

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As for where the blame was placed, Rory tells his co-host, “Listen, it’s called The Joe Budden Podcast; you wanted your name [used], so you gotta take the heat.” Although Bizarre exclusively mentioned Joe’s comments on Everyday Struggle in his January 8 video, Eminem’s late 2017 music was a topic on the Budden Podcast too.

At 6:00 Joe Budden digs in deeper with his formal response. “Let me attack a few different things here: I don’t think Em’ was talking to me, number one. But boy, did he kill that verse. God damn he killed that verse,” begins Joe, who adds that he also liked 2 Chainz’ verse and Phresher’s appearance on “Chloraseptic (Remix).” He continues, dismissing G-Unit’s head in the controversy. “50 Cent has zero to do with this beef; he is promoting a movie—a movie that doesn’t look that bad either, this Den Of Thieves thing. And I don’t know what Bizarre has to do with any of this. That’s the part that’s confusing to me. Now, I want to apologize to Bizarre because I am not starting my 2018 beefing with Bizarre. I’m just not doing it. And [Monday] night, while I was bored trying to put my baby to sleep, he got me out there [beefing on social media].” Joe is alluding to a tweet that he subsequently deleted, in which he said “Biz u aint spoke to Em in at least 10 years, u better relax nigga before you make me angry” and “Biz… i love you… i will also beat the dog shit outta u in Detroit.”

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Throughout the podcast video clip, the team plays OMC’s “How Bizarre,” a mid-90s Pop hit from the New Zealand band. “That would have been a bizarre beef. But what the f*ck does Bizarre have to do with any of this?” As Rory states that Bizarre is a D12 member, presumably Eminem’s friend, and a onetime Shady Records artist, Budden interjects, “He’s Em’s nothing. He’s Em’s nothing! He’s Em’s nothing! He is Eminem’s nothing!” Bizarre appeared with D12 on Shady XV, but the Detroit, Michigan collective has toured without Eminem, and not released an album since 2004’s multi-platinum D12 World. In 2015, they did drop a free mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid, Devil’s Night Reloaded.

Just as Bizarre alluded to past history with Joe Budden, the Slaughterhouse MC details his perspective. “Unfortunately, we have to provide you with some back-story. There was a D12 beef with me at some point. [Laughs] Am I the only ni**a to ever beef with f*ckin’ D12? My beef list is long…Royce 5’9 did [also] beef with D12 a long time ago [too], then they peaced it up—the same way I peaced it up, and we all went on tour together—Royce, D12, and myself.” Budden adds that his 2000s beef with D12 coincided with his conflicts with now-Slaughterhouse-band-mate Royce. All was restored ahead of their touring in 2008. “It was like a one-big-happy-family-thing. Then we went on tour and had a blast; I think Bizarre’s pretty cool. That’s why I don’t understand all this d*ck-rider sh*t. I hate that about the music business…you ni**as and your false alliances that do not exist for ni**as that are doing nothing for you, but you still hold hope. I hate that!”

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Joe questions if the D12 co-founder is seeking promotion, as he accused in 50 Cent. “Is Bizarre putting an album out? Bizarre ain’t spoke to Em’ in the last 15 years. Why the f*ck is he jumping in? Why is he jumping, period?” he jokes. Last year, Bizarre did release Tweek Sity 2, which featured D12.

Moments later, Joe Budden declares that there is no beef. “I don’t have beef with Bizarre; I like Bizarre!” Rory then says in the since-deleted-tweets, Joe Budden was speaking like there was bad blood. Bizarre also addressed those threats of a fight in his Instagram Live video. Responding, Joe quips, “Bizarre knows I’ll beat him up.” As his team jokes that he also tweeted that he had love for Biz’ before dissing him, Budden clarifies, “I think you can love somebody and totally [call them out].”

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In the closing minutes of the clip, Joe Budden states that while he is waiting for a beef with an artist whose name he refuses to state, it is not Bizarre. Of the unnamed MC Joe declares, “Him, I’ll come out for. Pause.” In the Slaughterhouse co-founder’s eyes, it’s time to move on. “I didn’t get dissed by Eminem.”

Eminem has not yet spoken publicly on this subject.