D12’s Bizarre Says Eminem Sent Shots At Joe Budden On His New Song (Video)

Yesterday (January 8) Eminem released the “Chloraseptic (Remix).” In a grabbing new verse alongside bars from 2 Chainz and Phresher, Marshall Mathers confronts critics, haters, and naysayers of his artistic direction, especially 2017 album, Revival. According to at least one Shady Records artist (and somebody with more than 20 years of history with Eminem), his bars were in response to a member of his own circle.

The lyrics in question include: “Not as raw as I was, ‘”Walk on Water’” sucks’ / B*tch, suck my d*ck / Y’all saw the tracklist and had a fit ‘fore you heard it / So you formed your verdict / While you sat with your arms crossed / Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs (chill!) / Nah, dog, y’all sayin’ I lost it, your f*ckin’ marbles are gone.

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D12 co-founder Bizarre followed the song’s Monday release by confronting Joe Budden on Twitter. Budden is one-fourth of Slaughterhouse, which has released a 2012 #2-charting album on Shady Records. Bizarre, who previously toured with and worked on Shady XV alongside Joe, accused the Jersey City, New Jersey MC of “biting the hand” that fed him in a tweet with the song’s artwork attached. The Hannicap Circus creator also appeared to tell Budden that he never liked him. He later dismissed the rapper, TV and podcast host as a “f*cking clown.”

Bizarre, who formed D12 with Eminem in the ’90s, also released a nine-minute video (ripped from an Instagram Live session on Monday night) explaining why he, Eminem, and others within D12 feel betrayed. “Enough is enough. The reason why I feel the way I feel about Joe Budden’s wack ass is like this: we brought you into the family, homie.” He mentioned touring together in the days ahead of Slaughterhouse. “Royce [5’9], it was his idea to bring you on the f*cking tour.” During that period, Bizarre alleges that Joe Budden apologized to Swifty McVay for apparently dissing the Dirty Dozen in his past. Biz’ continues that after amends were made, Slaughterhouse was formed, the quartet was signed to Shady, and all was absolved. Bizarre charges that he defended Joe, and considered him “a stand-up guy” and became a satisfied, daily viewer of Everyday Struggle in 2017.

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Speaking directly to Joe he says, “You tried to hold out on going in on Marshall. When DJ Akademiks used to ask you all the time, you used to [deflect]. But then, one day, that bipolar, schizophrenic, crazy-ass mind of yours went and allowed you to let loose, and you went f*cking ballistic. You went f*cking crazy. Now, you’ve got your opinion: you don’t like the Revival album. Cool. You got your opinion: you ain’t feel it. F*ck it, ni**a. But you went in. ‘This is the worst f*cking album that I ever heard in my f*cking life’ [mimicking Joe Budden]. Bro, Shady Records pays your f*ckin’ bills, ni**a. You got a rebirth! You got re-energized! You got a second chance at life because of Shady. You b*tch-ass, fool-ass, disloyal-ass, dis-ass ni**a!…This ni**a will diss his own mama for some f*cking likes. This ni**a is disloyal to anybody!”

Referring to the since-deleted online exchange in the last 24 hours, the “Fight Music” co-creator declares, “You said you’d come to Detroit and smack me. Joe Buddens [sic], you don’t believe that, do you? Do you believe that you can come to Detroit, Michigan and smack me? Boy, that would be the mothaf*ckin’ day. I ain’t gotta prove nothin’; our records is flawless, ni**a. You know how we get down; we beat ni**as up! That’s the bottom line.” Bizarre says he’s “been holding it back, and I just can’t take it no more.”

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Less than one month ago, on December 13’s episode of Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden reacted to single “Walk On Water,” featuring Beyoncé. This appears to be the discussion that upset Bizarre. “Throw it in rice…This is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. This is the first time in my life that I feel like the ball is being dropped on Eminem,” Joe said at the time. Of “Untouchable,” Joe added,“[Eminem], you will not use the plight of Black people to sell a f*cking record and widen your profit margin. Em’, I love and respect [you]. The things I learned from him is part of the reason I retired early because if you’re at the top of Rap, I don’t want that…Em’ is surrounded by too many musical geniuses to put this quality of music out.”

Today (January 9), Eminem’s most famous protege, 50 Cent, also called out Joe Budden online:

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As Bizarre welcomes Budden’s threats of getting physical, Fif’ warns the MC that he has “a little ass whooping” coming.