Uncle Murda Rates Skillz’ Diss A 1 Out Of 10. So How Does His Response Measure Up? (Audio)

Last week (January 3), veteran Virginia lyricist Skillz dropped a significant and scathing diss towards Brooklyn, New York MC Uncle Murda. The impetus was a two-year-old dispute surrounding the concept of “Year End Raps.” Skillz alleged that in late 2015, Murda (who now uses the name “Lenny Grant” on records) and affiliate DJ Clark Kent felt some type of way about the former Rawkus Records spitter doing his Year End Rap. While Skillz has been doing the recaps for approximately 15 years, the East New York rapper felt it was a lane he’d made famous since 2014.

After U.M. took a jab at Skillz on The Breakfast Club, the accomplished MC, DJ, and the University of Richmond Artist In Residence responded by going in on “Murder Gram.” He took jabs at Murda’s appearances, his being shot in the past, and even dissed the rapper’s father.

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By last Wednesday afternoon, Lenny Grant appeared on The Angie Martinez Show on New York City’s Power 105. “Mad Skillz don’t like me too much,” said Uncle Murda. “I’m not his favorite rapper, I guess, right now.” Mad Skillz is the original name used by the VA MC, dating back to his mid-1990s days on Big Beat/Atlantic Records. Asked how he rates the diss on a 10-scale, U.M. said, “I mean, I rate it a 1. I understand his frustration; he just sounded so mad.” The G-Unit artist added, “I’m a disrespectful rapper; I do what I do. So I know how to take a shot, accept it, and go ‘Okay, you got that. Okay, let’s play.’ Him? I understand, he did the Rap Up; nobody talks about him like that no more. I kept kinda taking the shine. I threw my lil’ shots at him. I get it. He wants to take his little shots. He said something about my father. Man, I don’t know my father neither, Mad Skillz, so you can beat him up for me when you catch him, or somethin’ like that,” he stated with a chuckle.

Angie asserted that Lenny Grant did steal a concept, back in 2014. “I want to thank Mad Skillz for starting it. But sometimes you’ve got to pass the torch.” Angie said that no torch was offered. U.M. responded, “I’m from Brooklyn, you know Brooklyn always taking stuff. C’mon.” At the 15:00 mark, Murda said the dispute was “all Rap,” and not personal. When asked when he’d strike back, Murda said he thought about making his 2018 Year End aimed at Skillz, unless he got “bored” and went to the studio sooner, like after that interview.

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Less than one week later, the reply diss is ready.

Today (January 8), Uncle Murda attempts to clap back with “Why You Mad?” The two-minute diss begins somewhat slow with Lenny Grant criticizing some of Skillz’ bars about catching bodies in the south. However, in the second half, the Brooklyn, New Yorker brings it back to rapping abilities. “I came up hard, I’m a product of a Biggie / You ain’t come up like that, you a product of Missy / I was playin’ chess with you, not checkers / I asked around, ain’t nobody know the name of the none of ya records / Your career never got off the shelf / You’re the ghostwriter that couldn’t write a hit for ya’self / Honestly, nobody know who you wrote for / I just took the only thing that you was known for / I’m sick with it like I got a disease / 50 got me doin’ movies and shows overseas / Now do that sound like I signed too late?,” he charges.

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