D.I.T.C.’s O.C. Just Dropped A Strong Album. His Video Shows It’s A New Dawn.

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Coming off the heels of his latest collaborative project Perestroika with Apathy, along with the first installment of his album trilogy Same Moon, Same Sun in 2017, D.I.T.C. member O.C. has re-upped his stock in 2018. It is evident by way of the second edition of the latter series titled A New Dawn. The album consists of introspective lyrics and soulful soundscapes (including some provided by Diggin’ In The Crates’ Showbiz). The lead single and title track “A New Dawn” has a new video, displaying a spirited O.C. with a new peaceful approach to life to effectively gets his points across.

The video takes place during the twilight hours of the morning as Mush roams his New York City origins on tenement rooftops and gritty streets. There are repeated images of fires, and masked depictions of U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un plotting nuclear destruction in the world.

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The political overtones are part O.C.’s message to settle your differences with any enemies and to relieve oneself from stress before its too late resolutions by way of death.

He rhymes: “It’s a brand new day for a new start / Reconciliation for those who’ve grown apart / So ask yourself if it’s worth all the fuss over the friction / If I’m wrong, then I’ll submit and admit the sh*t.” To support this new attitude, the track offers some soulful singing (by way of a Nina Simone vocal sample) to match the mood.

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A New Dawn released earlier this month on the DITC Studios label.