J.I.D.’s Video Is An Animated Cartoon Tribute. But The Raps Are Very Real.

While J. Cole is recognized as one of the best MCs of this generation, his nose for talent is still underrated. Sure, people know who Bas, Cozz, Lute, Omen, and EarthGang are, but heavily due to the fact that they’re Cole’s opening acts (and label artists) on any given Dreamville Tour. Yet, all five make high-quality Hip-Hop. The problem is, standing next to Cole is a blessing and a curse. The co-sign gives you a platform, but being compared to the boss may hurt you.

Enter J.I.D. This young spitter out of Georgia has the talent and the charisma to succeed. His debut album, The Never Story, dropped last spring and earned a spot on Ambrosia For Heads’ “Best 15 Albums Of 2017” list. The Spillage Village member’s nonchalance and natural cadence make it obvious this dude was raised on good music. He sounds like an MC who has been rhyming since close to when he started talking.

J.I.D. and Other Dreamville Artists Are On The Official Ambrosia For Heads Playlist

Today we are sharing his brand new video for a cut titled “EdEddnEddy,” one of the album’s standout tracks. And with a title like that, you might expect that the vid would be animated, seeing as Ed, Edd n Eddy was a popular Cartoon Network series about three teen boys that ran from ’99-’08. The show’s simple art style is quite distinct, and they do a great job of recreating the look here. J.I.D.’s character looks like he really could be the Eds’ hood homie. And the Dreamville flip of the Cartoon Network logo is dope too. Producer Hollywood JB utilizes the same Brother Jack McDuff “Oblighetto” sample that A Tribe Called Quest rocked on “Scenario” here, and we’re sure the gravity of the situation is not lost on J because he comes with it. Hit play below to experience nostalgia and the thrill of something new at the same time.