Rapsody’s Chrome Video Is About So Much More Than Car-Jacking

Rapsody is proof that an MC can carry on traditions, while still being current and successful. The Snow Hill, North Carolina native is getting the shine that 9th Wonder and JAY-Z knew she deserved years ago when they each signed her to their respective labels. Her soulful but raw lyricism is a throwback and a breath of fresh air at the same time.

Rapsody’s has just released a video for “Chrome (Like Ooh),” the latest single from her Grammy-nominated album Laila’s Wisdom. The joint starts with a bouncy beat that sounds like something A Tribe Called Quest might have rocked. Two-thirds of the way through the song the production switches up, and Rapsody rides over a mellowed out vibe with synth strings and thick snares. Both Khrysis and Ka$h Don’t Make Beats from The Soul Council get production credits on this track, so they likely each contributed a beat.

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The visuals fit the subject matter of the song, which is the duel meaning of “chrome” and how many young Black men measure their self-worth by both. Chrome rims are a sign of success, but chrome can also refer to a firearm. So, in the video we see three young men pull heat and proceed to car-jack a classic Camaro SS with chrome rims. The footage starts in black-and-white but when the owner of the Camaro finds the three youths and starts firing off shots at them, the beat changes and the vid’ becomes full color. The direction team of Chad Tennies and Mac Grant deserve a shout out for effectively capturing Rap’s message in this dramatic video.

Laila’s Wisdom is part of Ambrosia For Heads’ Best 15 Rap Albums Of 2017 list.

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This Friday (February 23), Khrysis and Elzhi will release their Jericho Jackson album.