Sa-Roc Raps Like A Queen Straight Outta Wakanda (Video)

Sa-Roc has been putting out quality Hip-Hop music for a decade as of this year. And with 13 projects in that time, she stays working on her craft. Roc is dedicated to both mic mastery and self-realization, and her music reflects both pursuits. Now, while she didn’t drop a full-length last year, she was touring with Brother Ali and recording songs for her next opus, Forever. She’s been signed to Rhymesayers since 2015 and has put music out with the Twin Cities label, but Forever will be her first official studio album with the cult imprint co-founded by Atmosphere’s Slug and Ant.

Her latest video is the lead single from the upcoming LP. It’s hard not to be intrigued within the first few seconds of footage here. This outdoor spot looks almost surreal. The ochre and rust tones of the stratified earth contrasted with the white and red of Sa’s wardrobe is striking. This punchline specialist also brings along a team of goddesses, who all take turns sitting on a throne in front of a pitch black backdrop. It’s a cool juxtaposition to the fresh air visuals.

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The Sol Messiah beat for this cut is mostly drums and bass but some light synth creeps in here and there. It’s a prefect soundscape for this Atlanta transplant to flow like her life depends on it. For nearly five minutes she encourages sisters everywhere to shine on, and she does so by straight spitting. She shares her own experiences and scars with a rare honesty. The opening lines pack a punch:

“When I wake up, no makeup, half naked, I feel like I’m the sh*t / Pardon my language, but hang ups do not define the kid / No, I’m not flawless, I’m scarred up and I’m fine with it / My body art a laundry list of all of life’s unkindnesses / But—I still sip tea and chant om, and live free, ’cause hardships and heartbreaks, turn to Rap epiphanies / And mom told me stay woke ’cause all gold ain’t glistening / Choose your words wisely ’cause the all knowing’s listening / But, no worries. I’m Gucci / My thighs a lil’ juicy, my dialogue lil awkward, my idols still move me / My life is a movie, like Raheem and Mookie, I’m just trying to do the right thing, hope that it improves me.

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In a year where RSE already stunned Hip-Hop Heads with Evidence’s Weather Or Not, stay tuned for Sa-Roc’s first LP with the label.