Evidence’s Weather Or Not Album Forecasts A Great 2018 In Hip-Hop (Audio)

Evidence has not released a solo album in more than five years. The co-founder of Dilated Peoples and Step Brothers changes that this week with his Weather Or Not. The last in a trilogy of acclaimed LPs that dates back to 2007’s The Weatherman LP and also included 2012’s Cats & Dogs is an impressive finale to the series.

The Grammy-winning MC addresses love, loss, spending, saving, and the pursuit of perfection in this personal and inspired release. After more than 20 years making records, this effort shows new depth and soul for the sought-after MC/producer.

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Formally releasing tomorrow (January 26) on Rhymesayers Entertainment, the album is officially made available for all fans one day early. Including appearances from Rapsody (ahead of her Grammy Award weekend), Slug, and Styles P (among others), this 16-track, 56-minute-effort builds upon a “Guaranteed” lyric from The Platform, nearly 20 years ago (“Some think I’m clever / Others think I’m the one who makes too many references to weather… or not“).

1) “The Factory” (Produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)
2) “Throw It All Away” (Produced by Alchemist)
3) “Powder Cocaine” feat. Slug & Catero (Produced by Alchemist)
4) “Jim Dean” (Produced by Nottz)
5) “Weather or Not” (Produced by DJ Babu)
6) “Moving Too Fast” feat. Catero (Produced by Evidence)
7) “Runners” feat. Defari (Produced by Evidence)
8) “Bad Publicity” feat. Krondon (Produced by Nottz)
9) “Rain Drops” (Produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)
10) “Sell Me This Pen” feat. Alchemist & Mach Hommy (Produced by Alchemist)
11) “Love Is A Funny Thing” feat. Styles P, Rapsody & Khrysis (Produced by Alchemist)
12) “10,000 Hours” (Produced by DJ Premier)
13) “What I Need” (Produced by Evidence)
14) “To Make A Long Story Longer” feat. Jonwayne (Produced by Sam I Yam)
15) “Wonderful World” feat. Rakaa (Produced by Budgie)
16) “By My Side Too” (Produced by Budgie)

Recently, Evidence produced full projects for Defari as well as Domo Genesis.

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Weather Or Not is available for purchase.