Evidence & DJ Premier Show They’re True Masters Of This Thing Called Hip-Hop (Video)

Evidence is just two weeks away from his third solo album, Weather Or Not. Coming January 26 on Rhymesayers Entertainment, the Dilated Peoples and Step Brothers member’s first solo LP in more than six years already promises to be something serious.

In 2017, Heads got a taste of the realness in “Throw It All Away,” an Alchemist-produced track that has Ev’ looking at frivolous spending, ephemeral hope, and a day in the life. That video single was followed by “Jim Dean,” some precise stream of consciousness from the Venice, California representative.

Evidence Reveals The Weather Or Not Tracklist. The New Video Is Bananas.

While Evidence is a Grammy Award-winning producer (in addition to his illustrious MC career), he has welcomed outside sounds to his studio. Weather Or Not involves Alc’ (and close affiliate Budgie), Nottz, and band-mate DJ Babu. However, dating back to Dilated’s 2001 cut “Clockwork,” many Heads will be drawn to the chemistry between The Weatherman and DJ Premier. “10,000 Hours” may be their finest intersection yet. Examining the number of hours many believe it takes to be an expert, Evidence shows that he’s just that, on the mic, behind the boards, and more.

Following executive producing an MC Eiht album in 2017, Preemo laces Ev’s beat with an assortment of West Coast voices. Death Row-era Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg join the voice of the accomplished MC, producer, and photographer on the scratch-chorus.

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Directed by Stephen Vanasco, the artful black-and-white video finds Evidence in his element, including capturing images on the camera. Evidence drops a grabbing verse too, with lines such as “Same vinyl crates, but I’m coming up with new flips / On my classic like Karate Kid and Blue Chips / I don’t want to see my friends broke or be bitter / And I don’t want to see my heroes slangin’ verses on they Twitter / Everyone’s an imitation / Spitters copy G Rap, the rest are on some Drake sh*t / I took my time to find my own sh*t, 10,000 hours / No borrowed type, alone sh*t, ’cause I’ma own it / Burnin’ bridges, there’s nowhere to go but forward / I strike the match then I’m caught up in the moment / But never in my feelings when I’m dealing with opponents.

The Weather Or Not LP features Rapsody, Styles P, Rhymesayers co-founder Slug, Dilated’s Rakaa, and Defari (for whom Evidence recently produced a full album), among others.