Tory Lanez Delivers The Best Freestyle Of The Year, So Far (Video)

Tory Lanez capped off 2017 with one of the most notable live, on-air freestyles of the year when he went off for eight minutes on Funkmaster Flex’s HOT 97 series. Now in early 2018, Lanez appears on Sway In The Morning and topped that showing—not only by spitting for one minute longer, but by also doing as a “5 Fingers of Death” freestyle. A traditional test of skill for MCs, the Toronto, Ontario spitter took on the challenge of rapping over five beats without pausing, and he kept the flow going for a whole nine minutes.

Starting him off in that early 2000s Roc-A-Fella era, DJ Wonder sets up Tory Lanez with Cam’ron’s “Welcome To New York City” instrumental (produced by Just Blaze), where Lanez uses the intro to shout out his T-Dot hometown as well as NYC before spitting some sharp rhymes and clever punchlines. He moves seamlessly between well constructed verses, including some off-the-top rhymes, filled with wordplay and more punches, including a moment when he name-drops D-Block/The L.O.X. just as the beat switches between Diddy’s “All About The Benjamins” and Jadakiss’ “Still Feel Me” (5:30). DJ Wonder brings the beats full circle with Cam’ron’s “Down And Out” as Lanez caps off the freestyle with one last punchline, causing Sway to jump out of his seat.

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He spits, “I’m quite tame when these ni**as try to hurt me / I’ll burn you f*ck-ni**as like a b*tch that got herpes / No mercy / A bad b*tch’ll hop in my whip, and chauffeur me / Lil’ class, like a ni**a home early / I’ll tell you to get the picture, ni**a / ‘Cause I’ll put the shots on y’all, like you payin’ for the liquor, ni**a / You’ll get smoked like a Swisher, ni**a / I’ll do ’em like the old days, four ways, how I split the ni**a,” he spits in the closing moments, before “You don’t really wanna square it up / ‘Cause I’m focused, you won’t notice / like when Sway came back and his hair was cut / I’m goin’ fast, no matter, whatever gear I clutch,” and “See, I want Bow Wow’s baby mama / I keep it real, she look good, I’ll okay the drama / Yo listen mama, you made a rhymer and a state-to-state shiner / Money tall, sh*t I ball, like the wall of great China / I love money, if you love money, touch it / More karats in my jewelry than Bugs Bunny’s stomach.” The Looney Tunes line is what sends Sway out of his seat.

Lanez makes it a point to say he’s setting the tone for 2018 and warns all rappers to make sure they come with their bars when they take on the 5 Fingers of Death challenge. His sophomore album, Memories Don’t Die drops this Friday (March 2) on Mad Love/Interscope Records.