DJ Envy Attacked Desus & Mero On His Show. Now They Savage Him On Theirs (Video)

Yesterday (March 15), two major forces of media clashed in real-time when Desus and Mero (from their eponymous late-night show) were guests on The Breakfast Club. DJ Envy almost immediately revealed that he felt his wife and family had been disrespected by the two men sitting across from him. On Desus & Mero recently, the hosts editorialized Envy and wife, Gia Casey, appearing on The Real. As the real-life couple discussed a near-divorce experience, the two Bronx, New York hosts implied that Casey opted to stay married to the DJ/co-host for his “check.” Envy, a Queens native, disparaged his guests at the top of the segment, introducing them as “D*ckhead and P*ssy.”

In the ensuing five minutes, both sides stated their case. Envy said while he was open to being the butt of jokes, his wife and kids were off limits. After the confrontation and subsequent apology, DJ Envy exited his show, not to return.

DJ Envy Blasts Desus & Mero Then Walks Out Of His Own Interview (Video)

Hours later, the Thursday night episode of Desus & Mero devoted a 12-minute reaction to the interview, which had since trended its way into viral status. On their program, both men express strong frustration with DJ Envy. Their apology also is symbolically ripped to shreds in a series that ended with both men doubling down on what upset DJ Envy in the first place, making more jokes about his family.

“If a host can walk off a show, maybe there’s too many hosts,” begins Desus Nice. “That’s right, the most illustrious podcast in the world, the #1 show in late-night was ambushed!…We entered the octagon,” he describes. “No warning!” adds Mero. The duo claims they understood they were on The Breakfast Club to promote their tour. “What do we get? Feelings,” chides Desus. “Nothing but light-skinned feelings,” as Mero chimes in with, “Pancake batter emotion.”

While playing back that morning’s appearance, Desus says that Envy showed no signs of his intent ahead of the on-air appearance. “I mean, in the 10 minutes we saw you outside, in the studio, before the interview, and you didn’t talk to us, maybe you could’ve came with a better name [than ‘D*ckhead & P*ssy’] then?” Claiming he and his partner were set up, Desus admits, “[I was] tryin’ to be cordial [after being disrespected].” Moments later, he also suggests that in past interviews, DJ Envy was “wild buns, and now it’s all coming out,” with guests, apparently implying past cowardice, including a 2015 misunderstanding with singer Trey Songz.

After making more fun of DJ Envy by way of his wardrobe on The Real, Desus and Mero disagree with Envy’s anger as it relates to protocol. “He could’ve called us. Charlamagne [Tha God] got our number, [Joe] Budden got our number,” states Desus. “Apparently, you had time to call Joe Budden about this sh*t, instead of calling us directly,” he says of Envy’s former Desert Storm Records label-mate and fellow media personality. In watching the clip, both Desus and Mero admit they were furious with Envy, behind their smiles and laughter. The Kid Mero points to how he’s holding the microphone, while Desus charges that his “Wow” response at the top expresses his shock and anger. Desus implies that DJ Envy made a calculated move. “Here’s my question: you felt that strongly and your wife wanted an apology. Why didn’t you call us that same night? Why [did] you wait ’til we come on your show, and now you have one of the most highly-trafficked viral clips goin’, and now y’all trending on Twitter? Hmmm. How strong is your brand? Listen, next time you want a feature, go through ICM, my ni**a,” he says, referring to the top talent representation agency. Thus, he believes DJ Envy used the free appearance to boost his profile. “We got agents for this sh*t.”

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At 8:50, Mero mentions DJ Envy’s wife, the very thing that upset Envy. Recapping the offer for a boxing match, Mero says that Envy’s wife would be sitting ringside “getting blood splashed on her.” Mimicking Gia Casey’s words on The Real, Mero stops. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring [her] into this. I apologize; I’m sorry.” Desus goes back to the tape. “[DJ Envy] wanted an apology, got the apology, and still walked off.” Mero then mimics Envy’s wife insisting the DJ make an on-air example of the guests.

At 11:00, both Desus and Mero make light of that apology. “Nah, f*ck that,” Desus says, after mimicking a detailed plea. Mero says, “The bugged-out sh*t is that Monday through Friday these mothaf*ckas [on The Breakfast Club] roast and toast everybody in the whole world. As soon as we come up there, you get in your lil’ beige feelings, my ni**a.” Desus adds, “It’s weird, because the thing that he got in his feelings about, he created,” referring to infidelity that landed Envy and Casey on The Real. Mero closes out with, “I guess the moral of the story is stay away from Erica Mena.” Late last year, the Love & Hip Hop actress suggested an affair with DJ Envy on social media. As Mero mentions the alleged mistress by name, Desus leaves his chair and exits while his co-host laughs. Perhaps mimicking Envy’s exit, he returns and falls to the floor, laughing.

In the wake of his on-air exit, DJ Envy spoke to Revolt, who broadcasts The Breakfast Club on television. The conversation presumably took place before the Thursday night broadcast of Desus & Mero. Right before the 6:00 mark of a recap clip, Envy says, “I considered them friends to the [staff] at one time. So I [decided] that when they come on the show, I’ll address it and talk to them then, and tell them how I felt. That’s exactly what I did, and if you know me, you know I usually don’t pull no punches when something goes against me, especially when it has to do with my family. We addressed it like men, and that was it.”

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“After the apology, I was still tight. I felt a way about it. I’m not the type of person that’s just gonna sit there and just look and be upset and act like I’m happy,” he said, as to why he exited when he did. He suggests that if he stayed, with bad energy, it could have “taken it to a worse place.” He continues, “So I said I’m just gonna gracefully back out, and I’m not gonna do it. That’s what I did.”

He says that he has “no ill will towards them” after the on-air apology to his face. He also said, at the time, that he was open to another Breakfast Club appearance from Desus and Mero.

Presumably, when DJ Envy saw the Desus & Mero episode, it prompted this tweet today (March 16).

Just as they did yesterday, Desus and Mero got the last word, for now.