Murs Says Hip-Hop Can’t Be Dead If Wu-Tang Is Forever & He’s Still Rapping (Video)

In celebration of his 40th birthday (March 16), Murs drops his latest solo album, A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable with Strange Music. The project is exclusively produced by longtime Tech N9ne producer Michael “Seven” Summers. Leading up to today, (“Murs 3/16”), the Los Angeles, California veteran MC has leaked singles (and the accompanying visuals) since the start of the new year. The drops include “Melancholy,” “Powerful,” “Same Way,” featuring Tech N9ne, and”G Lollipops,” whose video now premieres at Ambrosia For Heads.

In a dramatically wallpapered room, the Felt MC raps his verses while stroking a small dog and playing video games on an old school tube TV. Those who know Murs’ social media presence knows that he’s a gamer. In the video, Murs laces up his boxing gloves and takes shots at the problems with today’s music while emboldening his own.

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Although Fashawn is featured on the album’s version of “G Lollipops,” Murs’ former album collaborator (see: 2012’s This Generation) appearance is not in the video with Murs taking both the first and second verse.

In true Prof fashion, the rapper gets weird with a bunch of girls in a smoked-out compact car. He raps with rasp, and a unique conversational tone in his delivery. The Rhymesayers MC is dropping his album, Pookie Baby, on April 13, and plugs it in his verse.

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One of current Rap’s great collaborators, Murs melds his style with those he works with seamlessly, and yet never lets up on his own authentic quirkiness. In fact, as he ages he further embodies his current record label, getting stranger and stranger.

Besides the guests on this song, A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable features Tech and XV.