Murs Drops One Of The Realest & Most Personal Songs Of 2018 (Video)

Less than one week ago, Murs and producer Michael “Seven” Summer released A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable. The Los Angeles, California native has unloaded several singles and visuals from one of his best albums in a sprawling, dynamic, and highly-impressive catalog. One of the most striking moments of the Strange Music LP is its first song, “The Unimaginable.”

With vulnerability and grace, the MC opens his life up, that inspired many of the themes of this release. Death, divorce, depression are part of it, but so is the promise of a coming day, new love, and quite literally, new life.

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Murs’ words in the first verse to open the LP say so much on their own: “What if I could ice down all of my tears / Would my face be covered in diamonds from ear to ear? / Would real ni**as respect me then? / Will some of these white girls wanna be more than my friend? / If I could take all of my tears and cry them into a chain / I wonder how many million more followers I’d gain / I bet my socials would be super lit / It wouldn’t even matter what type of vocals that I have to spit / I could turn all this salty water that fell from my eyes into some diamond karats / Then when I cry in public I could finally do so without having someone tell me I should feel embarrassed / ‘Cause I’m not and I cried a whole lot / When I filed a divorce and when the homie got shot / And not one time did I laugh at Tyrese’s tears / ‘Cause when I was separated from my son I cried every day for almost a year / And at near the end of that year span I was filled with joy / ‘Cause my new fiance and I were expecting a baby boy / But after 40 weeks he was born without a heartbeat / Still we chose to march forward instead of retreat.

Murs prays in the open monologue, asking God for understanding. The first verse (included in the video) focuses on the pain, while the follow-up verse (on the album only) reveals that some things turned around for the Paid Dues founder. In the video, he faces the lens (and possibly himself, along with his devoted fans) while delivering the realness.

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In addition to Robots & Balloons, A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable features Tech N9ne, Fashawn, XV, and Prof.