Nick Grant Spits A Freestyle That Confirms He’s 1 Of The Best MCs In His Generation (Video)

Even as a major label artist with an acclaimed album under his belt, South Carolina’s Nick Grant is committed to building an audience the old fashioned way: through hustle. Over the last three years, the MC co-signed by André 3000, Nas, Bun B, and others made a name for himself with free mixtapes and a series of attention-grabbing freestyles.

In 2017, the Culture Republic/Epic Records artist released Return Of The Cool. Shortly afterwards, he stopped by the L.A. Leakers’ studio to freestyle over a D.O.C. instrumental with content and style that was funky enough. Ten months later, with two exciting records already release in 2018, Grant has no problem doing it again. Instead of being “above it,” Nick Grant’s rhyme demonstrations make convincing cases to further explore his catalog.

Nick Grant’s Freestyle Is More Than Funky Enough On This D.O.C. Classic (Video)

On the “Round 2” appearance, Grant raps, “They watered down, I pull the flowers out the vase / You either frownin’ at life or smilin’ at your wake,” before some more pointed bars: “This is paradise / I live a weird life / I want my style, ’cause they don’t wear it right.

Nick’s rhymes are drenched in wisdom, while flossing in the charismatic four-minute freestyle. Like his songs, the verse focuses on where Nick is with his career. “Okay, time to get this money, boy, I got to get paid / I respect all you ni**as, but I’m in line with the greats / I copped the drop, sittin’ crooked, like Denzel with the fade / And took the shoes off that sh*t like Fantasia on stage / Yeah, back in this b*tch, with my car keys, ni**a / It’s the trill O.G., but no part three, ni**a / You know the boys on the corner, like the chopped cheese, ni**a.” Later still, he raps, “I put no babies on albums, too much pain in my pictures / Just left tour with God’s Son, he gave me game, and some wisdom / Crooked cop, crooked cop, all these babies y’all killin’ / Gotta bear arms, don’t want a stray from no piglet / I done see it all, continue bein’ blessed / I play above the rim, it’s in my genes, Shep’ / Confidence on a billion, never seen me in debt / I got this sh*t sewed, y’all ni**as seem-stressed.

The beat drops out as Nick Grant persists to pummel with record-worthy bars to close out this second L.A. Leakers freestyle. At Power 106, N.G. is two-for-two.