Nick Grant Shows He’s Got That Thing Like Lauryn Hill (Audio)

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In 2016, Nick Grant flipped a neo-soul classic in Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat.” It was a bold move for an emergent MC who’s made a name for himself boasting of his lyricism and Hip-Hop sensibilities. Since then, he’s tackled records from Raekwon and Biggie, taking it back even further with the clearly James Brown-inspired single “Get Up.” But today (February 27), he circles back to the neo-soul vault, again borrowing influence from one of the greatest women to ever touch a mic, Lauryn Hill.

Torae & Nick Grant Take The Torch From Big Daddy Kane And Hold It High (Audio)

“Forever & Always” re-imagines Hill’s 1998 debut solo single “Doo Wop (That Thing).” According to Grant’s Instagram, the track was co-produced by Miltone, Grammy-nominated producer DG and Grant himself. Featured prominently is the harmonizing from the sample material, slowed down and accompanied by an undeniable knock.

As his splashiest release since he dropped Return of the Cool at the top of 2017, “Forever & Always” plays up his bombast (When your flow is presidential, you ain’t gotta politic / N*gga, tell the radio they ain’t gotta play my sh*t ). As usual, though, his swaggering sense of self is backed up with some memorable quotables, noteworthy examples including:

I’m the hardest ni**a out and I ain’t take the ni**a route / With a plus-size model, ’cause she ain’t hard to figure out / They been hatin’ since I made it / D*ck and balls all in ya mouth


Money-makin her-on flow, my sh*t the dopest / You try to play the field with the pros, I get you open / Always the ones lookin’ like trolls doin’ the trollin’ 

Ultimately, this is an anthem for those who find themselves plagued by obstacles (in Grant’s case, hostile radio and critical internet haters) but who nevertheless maintain focus on a visionary ambition. Whether this proves to be the lead single from Dreaming Out Loud or not, guys – you know you better watch out.