Gifted Gab & Blimes Brixton Can Serve 99% Of Other MCs, Male Or Female (Video)

Gifted Gab and Blimes Brixton have talent. It’s undeniable. The two women, from Seattle and California’s Bay Area, respectively, show off their braggadocios bars on their latest collaborative video “Come Correct.” With this video single, it’s easy to see why the two gravitated toward one another in the first place.

In their latest visual, the duo of spitters trade bars with effortless cohesion. Often times each MC only raps two bars before the other one comes in and continues the trade-off. “Look, I’m going for your clavicle / About my capital was murder tactical, the actual, the factual,” raps Gab, then is followed up by Blimes: “Gab better pass it left, call that a lateral / Quadrilateral, parable, parallel galactical.”

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When it comes to the actual visual, which is very well directed, shot and edited, you see the pair rapping in-front of a Seattle-based Red Apple Market and even have the circa late ’70s diesel Mercedes Benz for good measure. “Come Correct” has already been cosigned by the likes of Joyner Lucas and the legendary Rah Digga, so the stage is already set for Gifted Gab and Blimes Brixton to tear down. Previously, Gifted Gab has shared mics with Nacho Picasso and Portland, Oregon’s Mic Capes. Last month, Blimes dropped a video to her Method Man collabo “Hot Damn.”

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