Tyler, The Creator Calls Himself A Flower Boy But His Rhymes Are As Hard As Steel (Video)

Tyler, The Creator released his Flower Boy album last year to great acclaim. The LP got him a Grammy nod and had the music world took note that, when it comes to Hip-Hop, the Odd Future co-founder is one of the most creative.

Now, Tyler’s returning with some more eye-opening material. Today (March 29) he dropped the song and video for “OKRA.” The artist himself is considering this one a throwaway, but it’s certainly on par with his previous collection. A booming bass remains steady throughout the track with Tyler pulling out a bunch of bars via what he described in January as “on some Rap sh*t.” And speaking of that Grammy nomination, he lets his peers know that he has reached a higher plateau.

Tyler, The Creator’s Best Rap Album Contender Sounds Even Better Live (Video)

I’m Big Mac, I’m quarter pound / You chicken nugget, f*ck it,” he raps. “Travel bag Balenciaga 30,000 just for luggage / Financial advisor buggin’ Flower Boy is buzzin’ / Grammy-nominated, tell yo’ cousin / Ain’t nobody f*cking with him / Uno the shoe red with the blue look like a flag, what the f*ck it do.” In the video, we see Tyler in various settings and close-ups of him rapping the lyrics with bright splashes of color.

Tyler, The Creator is slated to hit the road for numerous festival dates including Coachella at the end of next month. Perhaps this track will make his set.