Redman Helps Lift A Talented Up & Coming Rapper Above The Clouds (Video)

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Cincinnati, Ohio’s Cal Scruby has been at it for a while and is known to incorporate the right musicians into his creative work. Whether it be Chris Brown for a White Man Can’t Jump-inspired video or Sevyn Streeter to showcase his crossover ability, Cal’s wants to be known as a spitter as well as a versatile artist capable of catchy melody.

For his latest effort, Scruby enlisted Redman to create a part hilarious and part lyrically eye-opening visual for his newest single “Do Or Die.” With Michael Rapaport as the an impatient, cynical director, the video is a tongue-in-cheek shot at a wide range of white rappers in an attempt to set himself apart from those only paying the culture lip service. It begins with Rapaport impatiently questioning why he’s on the set of the video and pokes fun at a lot of the elements in today’s Rap he finds corny. Then, all of a sudden, after prompted to get on a ledge for a shot, the heavy wind blows Cal and Redman off the roof the set was on.

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The visual then takes on a strange angle. Various people from random onlookers to police to paramedics surround the figuratively dead bodies of Redman and Scruby as each raps their verse. The New Jersey MC told Billboard, who premiered the video, why he gravitated towards the concept. “The video is freaking dope. We had some major players in it and they weren’t standing around just doing cameos,” Reggie Noble said. “They actually had placement in the video. The video is exciting and has substance. Great vibe and a fun cast.”

It’s uncertain whether “Do Or Die” will appear on Cal Scruby’s upcoming untitled project.

Redman is in the midst of working on his long-anticipated Muddy Waters Too album.