Do Remember When DOOM Was Just An MC With Peachfuzz On His Chin (Video)

MF DOOM is a master of disguise. However, he was not always known by his modern moniker, and did always cover his face. Back in 1988, as Zev Love X, the London-born wordsmith created the Rap group KMD, along with his younger brother DJ Subroc and Rodan (who would later be replaced by Onyx The Birthstone Kid). The trio’s knack for groovy rhythms and witty wordplay would eventually land them their official debut on the 3rd Bass song “The Gas Face,” and a deal with Elektra Records.

Under their new imprint, KMD recorded their debut album Mr. Hood and released it in 1991. Looking back at it now it’s the release has drawn acclaim and attention, but at the time reviews were mixed – and outside of a few singles, it didn’t make a splash. What is notable from the album, however, was the single “Nitty Gritty,” which featured verses from a relatively young Brand Nubian (who were also signed to Elektra at the time), and the song/video “Peachfuzz.”

MF DOOM, Inspectah Deck & Esoteric Deliver A Video Fit For Villainous Rhymes

“Peachfuzz,” along with most of Mr. Hood, relayed Black empowerment and struggle through more comical and whimsical means. It’s an attribute DOOM would later be praised for through his solo work but saw its seeds planted over a decade earlier. During the song and in the video, DOOM is dreaming of days with better financial means, but his youth is holding him back, as well as the girls who are laughing at him before his verse starts.

So listen up closely, with thoughts to recoup me / ‘Cause I hope to gross like 10-cent per groupie,” he raps. “Now only if I had two G’s per strand / Ask my anchor banker, he understands / I used to wrap my hand around a cold gold can / Someone once said health is wealth, so check self / I gots a perfect check-up, ‘cept for a hiccup, roll with no stick-up / How can I keep the goya nectars on my shelf?

Other Ambrosia For Heads Do Remember Features

After “Peachfuzz” and Mr. Hood, KMD would record their sophomore album Black Bastards. It was scheduled for release in 1993, but hit a major snag after Onyx left the group during recording sessions for the LP and Subroc was killed while crossing the Long Island Expressway. The album’s content also made it difficult to release at the time. Black Bastards was eventually released in an official capacity in 1998 via Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle ‘Em Records.

#BonusBeat: DOOM recently collaborated with Czarface (a collective of Inspectah Deck, Esoteric, and producer DJ 7L) for the release of their album Czarface Meets Metal Face. “Meddle With Metal” marks the second video single.

Released earlier this month, the project (featuring Vinnie Paz and Open Mike Eagle) is now seeing one of its singles getting the visual treatment. Appropriately, it is of the animated variety.