Page Kennedy Tells The Story Of Hip-Hop, Bar By Bar (Video)

Page Kennedy very clearly prides himself on his bars. The actor/MC puts a lot of knowledge into what he spits and always seems to give listeners introspection when they seek it.

That’s what he did by remixing JAY-Z’s 4:44 standout track “The Story Of OJ.” Last July AFH presented audio of the song, just days after Hov’s latest #1 LP dropped. However, it seems that Kennedy felt his track, now formally titled “The Story Of Hip Hop,” needed the visual treatment. Shot by Poteet Films in Page’s native Detroit, Michigan, the video reminds us how great his Straight Bars 2 (embedded below) cut is but also creates new and important layers and context. At the 45-second mark, while rapping “Yeah, the value of a dollar / Now I can understand the real value of a father, that was there,” Kennedy’s son Timothy makes an appearance next to him.

Page Kennedy’s Freestyle Replies To JAY-Z’s Story Of O.J. & Adds A Chapter (Audio)

For the first half of the video, viewers get a taste of modern-day D and its downtown area. Then for the second half, Page switches to rapping in front of a motel. In the YouTube caption, the MC explains his concept for the song, particularly the last group of bars that makes mention of how Hip-Hop music is inclusive and appropriate at different times in different settings.

“I wrote this song objectively. I wanted to show both sides of the coin ’cause that’s what the world is,” he writes. “It’s not one way. For so long I thought only the truest Hip-Hop is what was good. I now know that isn’t true. Now is the most diverse time in Hip-Hop. So if you don’t like something turn it off and turn on what you wanna hear. That’s the beauty of it. The Hip-Hop buffet is full right now.”

Page Kennedy’s been releasing a steady stream of music as of late. In early 2017 he dropped his strong debut album Torn Pages and then followed up with two mixtapes – Straight Bars and Straight Bars 2. The idea for each mixtape was for fans to recognize the familiar industry beats he was using while then putting his own lyrical spin on them. Hence: “The Story Of Hip Hop.”

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