Anderson .Paak Reminds Why Dr. Dre Signed Him…Because He’s MONEY (Video)

Anderson .Paak signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment more than two years ago. Since that time, the Oxnard, California multi-talent did not rush the process. Instead, the drummer, MC, singer, and producer used this period to allow listeners to catch on to his Grammy-nominated Malibu wave, while revisiting years of incredible music in the form of Venice, his EP with Blended Babies, and guest-work across the industry. Moreover, Andy brought strong and deserved attention to NxWorries, his collaborative group with Knxwledge. With that light shined on one of the best Stones Throw Records releases (Yes! Lawd, as well as its remix companion) of the last decade.

Today, Heads get to hear the first solo song .Paak has released that is credited to Aftermath. They also get to see and experience it. Now a label affiliate of Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, Anderson’s “Bubblin'” video finds an artist who has paid dues for a decade-plus, basking in the good life. Produced by Greater Philadelphia’s Jahlil Beats and Antman Wonder (PRhyme 2), the visual finds Anderson making a withdrawal at an ATM machine, and cashing out in a major way.

Anderson .Paak Confirms Heavy Dr. Dre Role On Aftermath Debut

Rather than just pocketing the Benajmins, .Paak spreads the wealth (not unlike Drake’s “God’s Plan” campaign). However, the Free Nationals drummer/vocalist does it his way, and knows how to spoil himself in the process. Furs, suits, jewels, and exotic animals complement the bars about partying, pimping out cars, and living a decadent life in hotels.

The video finds Anderson .Paak flipping off of diving-boards into pools of money, and paying people for the most outrageous things. He stands on a billboard with his home city’s name on it and makes it rain. With a whimsical tone, the ATM machine also gets some unsolicited advice from a woman happy to listen to its cash-talk.

Anderson .Paak’s Music Excited Dr. Dre & DJ Premier. His Story Is One Of Paid Dues. (Interview)

Details await on Anderson .Paak’s third solo album (since the name-switch from Breezy Lovejoy). In releasing the single, Andy told Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio about Dre’s level of involvement. “[Dr. Dre] let me just run free. He told me, ‘Just do your thing. I would love to be a part of it.’ He added, “We’ve just been going back and forth with this music for over two years now and just getting the right album that we really feel proud of.” In more detail, Paak said, “He’s been very instrumental to taking it to the next level. That’s the whole point when you’re working with a really good producer, you let them produce. It’s dope, we got a lot of mutual respect for each other. He’s in there producing beats. He’s in there producing melodies, writing, ideas on sequencing, everything. Just the biggest help just having him as the filter, everything…ideas for the videos, all that. We breaking everything down with the big homie.”