DJ Jazzy Jeff’s New Album Is A Magnificent End To An Incredible Trilogy (Audio)

Different eras of Hip-Hop fans may know DJ Jazzy Jeff for various achievements in his career. Some first encountered Jeffrey Townes’ turntablism and production skills thanks to DJ Jazzy & The Fresh Prince. Others have learned of the innovating mix-master through his stellar solo career, mixtapes, and collaborative works.

With Jeff’s A Touch of Jazz production company, he has developed and mentored some of the illest names in Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, and even House music. Meanwhile, the West Philadelphia native has continued to put out his own critically-acclaimed music and mixes. His albums The Magnificent and The Return Of The Magnificent are “desert island discs” for many fans, as his annual Summertime mixtapes with MICK (fka Mick Boogie) are warm-weather essentials.

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This legendary DJ/producer has been actively developing rapper/singer Dayne Jordan since around 2013, and luckily for listeners, he has also been working on the third release in his Magnificent series, M3. The full album released today (May 8).

Many have demanded a Jazzy Jeff and Rhymefest album since their collaboration on The Return Of The Magnificent and M3 gets one step closer. ‘Fest appears on all but two songs on the album. Most are with his new group with Dayne Jordan and Uhmeer called The Trinity.

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M3 is a lean-back experience, as is usually the case for the Grammy Award-winner’s projects. Both the intro and the outro are as fresh as anything else on the project. Even the interludes may inspire multiple listens. Standout selections include Rhymefest’s solo, “SCARS,” Fess and Dayne’s celebration of independent women, “Stronger Than Me,” a song partly from God’s perspective, “Child of God,” and “The Governments DEAD!” by The Trinity.