Jedi Mind Tricks Is 25 Years Strong. The Group Shows No Signs Of Backing Down (Video)

Philadelphia’s underground anti-heroes Jedi Mind Tricks have released the first music video for their ninth album. While group front-man Vinnie Paz rotates between JMT, Heavy Metal Kings, Army Of The Pharaohs, and a celebrated solo catalog, it has been three years since The Thief And The Fallen. While style seems to trump meaningful content in the Hip-Hop that rules the charts, Jedi Mind Tricks still make hardcore joints that are layered with symbolism and bookish knowledge. They also define longevity in an ever-changing genre. Last year marked the 20th anniversary of their debut album, The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness, and they are still going strong.

“San La Muerte” is the lead video single from JMT’s upcoming project The Bridge And The Abyss (June 22). This album is the group’s ninth and marks their second offering since producer Stoupe fully returned after several years out of the group, in 2014. Vinnie and Stoupe have powerful chemistry, and this song just proves that what you hear on a Jedi Mind Tricks LP sounds different from what you’ll find on a Paz solo record, or on another Stoupe production.

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The intense keys and choral vocal sample make for an eery vibe that plays to Paz’ strengths. The MC born Vincenzo Luvineri unloads two volatile verses in his trademark gravelly flow, as well as a harmonized hook.

The majority of the footage for this video seems to have been shot at a Masonic cemetery, which fits the subject matter and title perfectly. Vinnie kicks menacing lyrics while threading tombstones. The message couldn’t be any clearer.