Pusha-T Confirms Nas’ Album Is Coming Next Month & Reveals What To Expect (Video)

In less than 11 hours from now, Pusha-T (as he currently stylizes it) will unveil a long-awaited project. He publicly stated the seven-song collection “is for my family…high taste level, luxury, drug raps fans.” Details have emerged that an EP titled Daytona will feature Rick Ross and Kanye West, plus an additional song inspired by Meek Mill. In step with a popular trend in recent years, Push’ expressed that the length of this release is an emphasis on quality over quantity, and respect for the listeners’ time.

Pusha appeared on The Angie Martinez Show to discuss Daytona. He describes his project as “another level,” after confirming that Kanye West did all seven of the songs “top-to-bottom.” T’s follow-up to 2015’s King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude is the first release in a series of Kanye-helmed projects that also includes a West solo project, a Kid Cudi & ‘Ye collaborative release, Teyana Taylor’s next effort, and Nas’ first LP in more than five years.

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At 12:45, the Clipse co-founder and G.O.O.D Music president details Nas’ upcoming project and confirms that it is arriving June 15, as announced by Kanye less than a month ago. “Nas sounds like 2028 Nas. You know what it is? With Nas, him particularly, ‘Ye is such a fan that he can pull all of the greatest moments in seven songs. He can pull all of the greatest moments of Nas and update that energy. He knows how to harness that energy [and] update that energy, beat-wise. And Nas just gets to be him.” Previously, Kanye made several songs with Nas, perhaps most notably, 2005’s “We Major.”

The Virginia representative also describes a closeness with his Def Jam label-mate. “I’ve been with Nas for probably the past month, back-and-forth in Wyoming.” He confirms that there is not a Pusha-T and Nas collaboration in the can. “We were [so] under the gun. When [Kanye West] announced [a series of projects], he put [mine] first. Everybody else is coming out in June; I’m May 25.”

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Returning to Daytona, Push’ declares at 17:00 that he “couldn’t be with a stronger production team.”  While making the five projects in Utah and Wyoming seclusion, the artists and producers were reportedly “laser focused.” He hints that his effort’s sound may be what made Kanye a renaissance man in the keyboard-driven early 2000s. “We got 1,000 samples. It’s super expensive to [make these albums and that] is coming out of my budget.” T says it took 10 days in the studio before he and West were able to record their first Daytona session.”

Even without a collabo’ in existence, Heads can expect more of bond between Pusha-T and Nas. “Me and Nas have talked, specifically, about touring together. So I already put it out there: ‘when these albums come out, we can go do this.’ I don’t know where everybody else gonna be, but I [plan to tour].” As for Nasir Jones, “He was like ‘I’m with it.'”

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In describing West’s solo project, Pusha labels it “Fire.” The MC continues, “He’s gonna show people that he’s always gonna be on the next level of music. That’s what he’s on right now.” He adds that some of West’s controversial political views of late are part of the music. Push’ says that in music, those ideas come across more clearly than they have in tweets, interviews, and televised outbursts. Elsewhere in the chat, Pusha-T tells Angie that he does not agree with those political beliefs of his friend, producer, and employer.

Daytona releases at midnight EST.