Cool Company Makes A Jam For Those Who Just Don’t Give A Funk (Video)

Together, vocalist Cool Yan and multi-instrumentalist-producer Fat Matt make up Cool Company, a New Jersey outfit creating “Future R&B.” In 2013, the duo arrived with a self-titled album followed by 2016’s Slice of Paradise and have since served up a pasticcio of Funk, Hip-Hop, Pop and Soul through a bevy of grooves and remixes. Now, Cool Company is prepping for the release of a two-part EP, The Dose, the first half of which is slated for release later this year. Leading it off is “Be More Mad,” an homage to the perpetual state of apathy bred by life’s disappointments.

Shot on location in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the video for “Be More Mad” and its concept were developed by Yan and Matt. “It shows our characters in our own world, insulated from outside by extra-thick skin and how that mentality can unravel over time when people get fed up with your disregard,” Matt tells Ambrosia For Heads.

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Thought that I could fake it ’til I make it but the feelings they ain’t takin’, ’cause I thought I would be more mad,” sings Yan. To emphasize the complete disinterest, he does things like light up while a doctor examines his lungs before delivering every escapist’s mantra: “Doctor, up the dosage / World ain’t makin’ no sense no more / Want somethin’ that’s a little more potent / Wishing that I was but I am not jokin’ / Wanna feel like I’m floatin’ / Make me feel like I’m floatin’ / Find a nice safe place in the clouds ’til the day that it all comes down.”

Next, Cool Company will release the just-announced single “Shadow,” featuring a special guest.

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Photograph by Benjamin Benson.

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