TDE’s SiR Delivers One Of His Most Powerful Songs To Its Jamaican Roots (Video)

While SiR had to grind for years as an engineer and songwriter, is firmly set in the spotlight now. After dropping a well-received EP titled HER TOO only a month after announcing his signing to TDE in 2017, fans were clamoring for his full-length debut on the label. It took almost a year but mid-January he served up his soulful opus titled November.

Top Dawg’s singer recently shared the official video for “D’Evils.” The track is a highlight off of the 11-song November. The catchy vocal sample lifted from Dancehall toaster Billy Boyo’s cut “One Spliff A Day” bring all into this song. This joint is produced by SiR’s regular collaborator, D.K. The Punisher. The combination of sparse piano notes, crisp drums and a deep bass line make for a slow-burning banger with the statement chorus: “Maybe I’m not flyin’, but I’m floatin’ / If we’re not headed to the top, where we goin’? / Two miles-an-hour, can you picture me rollin’? / ‘Cause life is so much better when you live in slow motion.

TDE’s SiR Leaves Inglewood For A Snowy & Seductive Getaway (Video)

As for the visuals, it just makes sense that this Inglewood crooner would film this one in Jamaica (his latest exotic locale for a visual). The vibe and lyrics of this track scream “island time.” The artist born Darryl Farris is accompanied by a beautiful woman around the lush nature of Jamrock, and taking in the sights and produce.