TDE’s SiR Delivers One Of His Most Powerful Songs To Its Jamaican Roots (Video)

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While SiR had to grind for years as an engineer and songwriter, is firmly set in the spotlight now. After dropping a well-received EP titled HER TOO only a month after announcing his signing to TDE in 2017, fans were clamoring for his full-length debut on the label. It took almost a year but mid-January he served up his soulful opus titled November.

Top Dawg’s singer recently shared the official video for “D’Evils.” The track is a highlight off of the 11-song November. The catchy vocal sample lifted from Dancehall toaster Billy Boyo’s cut “One Spliff A Day” bring all into this song. This joint is produced by SiR’s regular collaborator, D.K. The Punisher. The combination of sparse piano notes, crisp drums and a deep bass line make for a slow-burning banger with the statement chorus: “Maybe I’m not flyin’, but I’m floatin’ / If we’re not headed to the top, where we goin’? / Two miles-an-hour, can you picture me rollin’? / ‘Cause life is so much better when you live in slow motion.

TDE’s SiR Leaves Inglewood For A Snowy & Seductive Getaway (Video)

As for the visuals, it just makes sense that this Inglewood crooner would film this one in Jamaica (his latest exotic locale for a visual). The vibe and lyrics of this track scream “island time.” The artist born Darryl Farris is accompanied by a beautiful woman around the lush nature of Jamrock, and taking in the sights and produce.