Jay Rock’s Bloodiest Video Shows That Sometimes Nothing Is What It Seems

Jay Rock’s just-released album, Redemption, has fans rejoicing. It’s also a reminder why Top Dawg Entertainment built its foundation off his talents as an MC. The Watts, California native’s latest LP has many real-life tales, but perhaps the grimiest and most vivid come from album opener, “The Bloodiest.” Now, Heads get the visual to go along with it.

J.R. dropped the video for his album’s opening track on release day. Directed by Colin Tilley, it begins with him cooking something on the stove, which at first may seem to be powder but turns out to be lunch for his kids. It’s misdirects like this that find themselves throughout the video – like when he’s later seen walking down an alley and toward a white woman, who ends up being the one who sticks him up with a pistol. Another scene shows him walking only for a police cruiser (created by a ’60s Mopar squad car) to pull up and engage in a drive-by shooting.

Jay Rock Gets His Redemption Alongside J. Cole. Nothing Can Stop Him Now (Audio)

Perhaps the starkest image comes when Jay Rock walks up on a back-alley surgery taking place while these lyrics play out: “So many ni**as be wishin’ they was you, bro / Same ni**as that hit you with that, ‘I love you, bro’ / Tread softly, see the snakes comin’, I pop ’em off me / Ni**a, my life costly.

“The Bloodiest” is just the latest video Jay Rock has dropped from Redemption. Previously fans have seen visuals for “King’s Dead” and “Win.” Ambrosia For Heads just added the Nickerson Gardens hustler’s track “OSOM (Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind)” featuring J. Cole to our official, regularly-updated Spotify playlist.