Lil’ Kim & Fabolous Are The Brooklyn Bonnie & Clyde (Video)

Two Brooklyn, New York MCs who have been able to adapt their sound to other styles and markets are Lil’ Kim and Fabolous. Both of these spitters can rock over Southern beats, West Coast beats, and dabble into Pop, Reggae, and R&B. No matter the production, tempo, slang, or the type of chorus, these artists will remind you of their ’90s BK heritage.

Lil’ Kim’s new video “Spicy” shows this. The former First Lady of Junior M.A.F.I.A. releases her first song since last year’s “Wake Me Up” video statement alongside Remy Ma, and follow-up “Took Us A Break.” Both videos crossed the million mark on YouTube, with the former reaching above 16MM views. Approaching 13 years since her last formal album (The Naked Truth), Ms. Jones has maintained a strong following through new and legacy material.

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“Spicy” calls back to the Prohibition era, as Kim and F-A-B get their Bonnie and Clyde on with bars. It’s poker games, parlor chatter, and a buttoned-up affair as the two MCs from the 7-1-8 deliver their raps and catchy hook over the grabbing beat. Kim shoots lines like: “Pull up with the Draco in the trunk, call it Aubrey / Kimmy got the spice, hold the keys to ya life / And you b*tches couldn’t Xscape with T.I’s wife.

The Street Fam MC follows with his topical brand of lyricism: “Hold up, filet that p*ssy then let it sauté / Then I sprinkle on it like I’m Salt Bae / Them jerks ain’t gettin’ chicken, so they hot sauce / You drippin’ wack juice, boy, it’s not sauce / Stop hypin’ up these goofies and wack rhymers / Your d*ck suckin’ done got worse than Blac Chyna / Spice out the cabinet aka the closet / I’m makin’ up some fly sh*t, I’m makin’ a deposit / Remember we was playin’ we gon’ make it in the projects / To get that off white you gotta make it from the Pyrex / Now I’m into cayenne, drippin’ Sriracha / Tell a ni**a ‘stay cool ‘fore we turn up in hot sh*t.’

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