Method Man Is In Johnny Blaze Mode On A Hot Beat By Rockwilder. Protect Ya Neck (Audio)

Erick Sermon’s Def Squad label has revitalized in 2018. After a successful crowd-sourcing campaign to fund a new album and new label, The Green Eyed-Bandit has been giving fans plenty. The studio and label now offer some heat from one of E’s longest-running collaborators: Method Man. Notably, “Who I’m Iz (Reloaded).” The song is a punched-up remix from one of Mr. Mef’s most trusted producers (see: “Da Rockwilder”) of a song that went under the radar for many in 2017.

“Who I’m Iz (Reloaded)” sits 146K on the AudioMack charts, but worthy of a climb for Wu-Tang Clan Heads and hardcore Rap fans alike. At a time when the MC has helped so many others in his camp, from running lyrical point on last year’s Wu-Tang The Saga Continues LP, to helping affiliated MCs like Hanz On, Streetlife, and Blimes Brixton, among others. “Who I’m Iz” is a fitting introduction to what so many fans seem to really want: Method Man spitting from his “Iron Lung” on a certified top-notch production:

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Rockwilder brings a sinister bass-line and droning guitar and punctuates them with explosions. The “reloaded” joint plays like a shoot-’em-up action movie, which is perfect for Wu-Tang’s boisterous raptor to get loose.

The hook is a hilarious acknowledgment of getting older in the game but staying wild and unruly regardless. “Who I’m is? / At your house with his bad-ass kids / Who I’m is? / F*ck yall ni*s, we get down like this / Who I’m is? / The phenom, them ni**as can’t live / Who I’m is? / We ain’t got sh*t, something’s gotta give.

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This is one to play loud on a system with ample bass.