DOOM & Kool G Rap Join Forces To Plot Weak MCs’ Demise (Audio)

In 1991, MF DOOM, Kool G Rap, and DJ Muggs were all making some serious noise in Hip-Hop. Of the three, G Rap was the decorated veteran. A product of Marley Marl and Mr. Magic’s Juice Crew and down with Eric B. & Rakim’s possé, the Queens, New Yorker had recently released an East Coast Gangsta Rap gem in Wanted: Dead Or Alive. Muggs, who had previously been a part of group 7A3, was re-tooling his career as part of a trio known as Cypress Hill. In August of ’91, the California-based collective (Muggs is originally also from Queens) released a critically-acclaimed, commercially-successful eponymous debut. Cypress fast achieved the chart success that even G Rap and then-partner DJ Polo were not getting. DOOM, known as Zev Love X at the time, would join his KMD group that year to release Mr. Hood. The Elektra Records debut LP featured involvement from Brand Nubian, and arrived two years after DOOM made a noteworthy splash on 3rd Bass’ “The Gas Face.”

While many artists have legacies that look better in the past, DOOM, G, and Muggs have all amassed incredible careers since 1991. These artists have also faced setbacks too, personally and professionally—ranging from death to lost deals. In a welcomed (second) collaboration from Soul Assassins’ just-released Muggs X DOOM, three Hip-Hop O.G.’s come together with some of their finest work in recent memory. “Assassination Day” puts weak MCs to bed with mighty music.

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Over Muggs’ sinister beat (featuring some subtle background choral singing), DOOM kicks things off with a verse about rapping really well. He flips wordplay about slang terms and manipulates a slower flow than usual. The MC/producer still manages compound rhymes and far-reaching references. With a delivery as crisp and powerful as its been in recent years, G Rap steps in with a sharp guest shot. The lyrical legend demonstrates his mastery of cadence. It’s almost like Giancana raps in cursive, the way he rarely pauses for breaths.

The two-song project is a set-up for Muggs’ Assassination Day album, due August 3.

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#BonusBeat: This week, Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh (who have their Son Of G Rap album coming July 6) release “Dead Or Alive,” featuring Cormega:

That independent LP will include production from DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Showbiz,  and Alchemist, among others.