DOOM, DJ Muggs & Freddie Gibbs Serve Eye For An Eye Justice To Real-Life Killers (Video)

Last week, DJ Muggs and DOOM announced plans for a fast-track collaborative project simply titled Muggs x DOOM due this Friday (June 29). With that word came first single “Death Wish,” which features Freddie Gibbs (the same Friday that he released his self-titled album).

Approaching release date, the trio unleashes an animated video that more than measures up. Created by Edgar Neri and Patric Magno, the gritty, detailed black-and-white visual captures these artists in their grimiest element. As the title suggests, the video is all about revenge. All three artists are depicted bringing the pain to transgressors in a dim urban universe filled with predators of all sorts. One person that the trio execute is Oscar Grant’s killer (Johannes Mehserle), as confirmed by a Film Noir-style newspaper headline reveal. The next sequence takes aim at George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin. Both names are eventually crossed off a list. The video is cold and deliberate, just like the collaboration it belongs to.

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Kool G Rap is also a confirmed guest on Muggs x DOOM, which will be available at Soul Assassins. As he marches to a solo full-length, Assassination Day, the Cypress Hill co-founder Muggs just released Frozen Angels with Meyhem Lauren. A Roc Marciano collaborative effort is also reportedly in the works.