DOOM Is On A Tear. He Drops Another Bomb Verse (Audio)

Some years DOOM is in the shadows. Other years, the Metal Face villain stays incredibly busy. 2018 seems to be the latter. Already this young year, DOOM teamed with Inspectah Deck, DJ 7L, and MC Esoteric on CZARFACE Meets Metal Face. Outside of that, the KMD co-founder thematically divided the production with KAYTRANADA on Bishop Nehru’s Elevators: Acts I & II. Additionally, he kicked knowledge alongside Ann Arbor, Michigan producer Dabrye.

Jeff Wootton from Gorillaz and Jamie Reynolds of Klaxons have assembled a six-person group known as Y.O.T.A (Youth Of The Apocalypse). Like the Gorillaz, this outfit reportedly defies any one genre. With DOOM on first single “Drop The Bomb,” that is certainly true.

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The compound rhyme master spits in several places on the song. His verse hugs the idea of bombing: “Drop jewels like they drop toxic Napalm / Or even one of their most prized possessions, the H-bomb / Guaranteed to kill for generations to come / And degenerate their own civilizations to a bunch of bums / And it’s the same ones that started this calamity / Trying to turn right around and ask for amnesty / It’s insanity.” DOOM is not one to get political often. He does so without preaching but using deadpan imagery to show us the error in the Powers That Be’s ways. He also plays with other meanings of “bombing,” such as graffiti—a Hip-Hop elements associated with his career and logo. For their part, Y.O.T.A. has a melodic sound influenced by ’60s Pop.

Yesterday (May 31), the Gorillaz announced The Now Now album, due June 29.

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Notably, this song releases on Fader magazine’s label (Saul Williams, Matt and Kim).