Roc Marciano Speaks To B-Real About His Upcoming Album With DJ Muggs (Video)

In the last month, Long Island, New York MC/producer, Roc Marciano, released his fourth album, Rosebudd’s Revenge. Coming from the former Flipmode Squad member’s own Marci Enterprises label, the effort makes a new level of independence to a nearly 20-year veteran of the music industry. That album features Brownsville Ka and longtime Roc affiliate Knowledge The Pirate, as well as production including NxWorries’ Knxwledge.

While speaking on B-Real’s The Smokebox, Roc Marci’ confirmed his next project will be a cross-country collaboration with Cypress Hill’s own DJ Muggs. “[DJ] Muggs is a mastermind. I grew up…I look up to Cypress Hill, [especially] you,” he tells B-Real around 10:00, while smoking in the platinum MC’s early ’70s custom Chevy Caprice. “That’s big for me. I wasn’t surprised [to work together]. That thing about Muggs, mostly, is that he pushes me. He don’t just let me stay in my comfort zone. Muggs was like, ‘Nah! You gotta try to rhyme on this.'” He details the recording thus far as high quality. “I can’t front; we caught bodies on joints that I didn’t even see coming. Yeah, we definitely got some things [coming].”

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“He’s probably one of the most underrated,” Roc says of the producer who has also made acclaimed work with House Of Pain, GZA, and Funkdoobiest, among others. “We’re about 12 songs deep. We’re gonna do some more, though, just to round it off. He just sent me some new shit; I told him, ‘Yo, this new shit you sent me is like crushin’ everything [else we have done together]!'” While Muggs has sent the Marcberg creator tracks, they have also been in the lab together, extensively. “We shot mad videos out here, while I’ve been working.”

Outside of Cypress (which he is said to be currently working on), Muggs has produced full projects for GZA, Planet Asia, Sick Jacken, and Non-Phixion’s Ill Bill. Cypress Hill recently announced an April tour with Redman, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and others.

At 5:00 in the video, Roc Marciano also reveals that he offered one of his own most beloved tracks, “Thug’s Prayer” (which appeared on 2010’s solo debut Marcberg) to GZA for free. While the Wu-Tang Clan MC passed, the two did work together on several Pro Tools tracks, including “Firehouse” with Ka.

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#BonusBeat: Roc Marciano’s Rosebudd’s Revenge visual of songs “Rosebudd’s Revenge,” “Move Dope,” and “Here I Am”:

This released less than one month ago.