Murs Plays A Therapist In A Video Inspired By His Own Relationship Struggles

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Murs’ latest album, A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable, is one of his rawest and realest to date. On it, he opens up about his life, which has somewhat recently been plagued by death, depression, and divorce. These elements give him the opportunity to be reflective and he does just that on his newest video for the song “So Close So Far.”

In the video, Murs plays the role of a relationship counselor to a couple having problems at home. He’s seen as an intermediary but in actuality, the song is about the Los Angeles, California native’s own struggles with love and marriage. “Why would I hold a grudge against you,” he raps in his opening verse. “Or even pretend to / I know I hurt your feelings, but it’s not like I meant to / Why would I offend you-you’re the one that I’m into / A queen so complex a king so simple / Two different types of affection / Life stay pulling us in different directions / Share the same roof but we losing affection / Saying wifi, but we lacking that connection / We make up and keep it going / Every now and then we gotta reset the modem.” Later in the video, the couple starts to reconcile, giving comfort and hope that communication can lead to a healthy restart.

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Murs released A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable in March. The Strange Music LP is produced by Michael “Seven” Summers and features Tech N9ne, Fashawn, XV, and Prof. It’s the follow-up to his 2017 project Captian California. Previously, Murs dropped the video for the single “The Unimaginable,” which revealed some of the same vulnerabilities as this latest visual.