Page Kennedy Is Trying To Save Hip-Hop When So Many Others Are Trying To Kill It (Video)

The recent deaths of South Florida’s XXXTentacion and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Jimmy Wapo have rappers and fans alike still in mourning. Page Kennedy is one of the MCs though that is doing more than posting a Twitter or Instagram tribute. The Detroit native is using music to cope with the losses, particularly XXX’, who he called a “friend.”

“I wrote this song because of the increasing influence of Hip-Hop by those who I feel only get into music for clout.” Page explained in a statement to VIBE. “I grew up on this art-form and artists like Slick Rick, Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, Run-D.M.C., and Ice Cube, it made me fall in love with Hip-Hop because of their vivid storytelling and wordplay. So when I see that the art is completely changing and moving towards drug advocates, or only about how much money someone has and word play is now an antiquated way of expression; it drives me nuts. Common, had a song when I was younger called ‘I Use To Love Her.’ When I first heard it, I was blown away. With the recent passing of my friend XXXtentacion, I realize I have even more of a duty to show the youth a different and better way. Having concept songs and stories that are showcased in the mainstream is a step in the right direction.”

Page Kennedy Tells The Story Of Hip-Hop, Bar By Bar (Video)

The video for “Miss You” begins with a friend of Page’s getting killed in a drive-by shooting. It’s most likely representation of both the newest Hip Hop-related deaths, but also those that happen every day across America. The visual then goes back in time with Kennedy detailing all the good times he had with that friend and subsequently leads to them growing apart because of the decisions that homie made he believes for the worst. “I can’t understand you no more ’cause you’re always inebriated,” he raps. “Every time I see you faded / My heart is constantly jaded.

Toward the end of the video and song, Page Kennedy reveals a double entendre of sorts when he analogizes the death of his best friend to how younger artists are killing Hip-Hop, partially because of their recklessness. “And now you got me on the ground crying / Holding you while you dying,” Page raps. “Consoling you while you lying, in my hands trying / Not to think it’s a wrap / Ziplock my best friend’s been shot / His name is Hip Hop.

This is just the latest deep drop Page Kennedy has released. Previously, he remixed JAY-Z’s 4:44 standout track “The Story Of OJ.” formally titling it, “The Story Of Hip Hop,” which also got the visual treatment.