A Comedian Explains Why He Feared For His Life After Prank Calling J. Prince (Video)

Comedian Roy Wood, Jr. is now a regular contributor to The Daily Show. Before the Birmingham, Alabama native appeared on Def Comedy Jam, Chelsea Lately, and Comic View, he made a name for himself prank-calling celebrities. Earlier this week, the 39-year-old shared a story online about botching a Comedy record deal when he attempted to prank-call the wrong person. That person was Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince.

From Houston, Texas’ Fifth Ward, James Prince carries a reputation as a music and boxing mogul with a soft-spoken demeanor who can be intimidating to say the least. Prince has published his memoir, The Art And Science Of Respect. On a media run earlier this week, Prince spoke about “beating” 12 felony charges and a criminal hustling past. He also is reportedly the reason that Drake has not responded to Pusha-T’s scathing diss, “The Story Of Adidon.”

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Wood may have disrespected Lil J back in 2006 when his elaborate prank for a fledgling local record label led him to call the executive. In the bit, Roy pretended to be a disgruntled H-Town record store owner, upset at Rap-A-Lot’s declining sales and poorer product, and demanding Prince help pay some of the shop’s rent in return. Wood’s June 4 Twitter thread tells what transpired when the prank very quickly proved to be no laughing matter.

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After interviewing J. Prince on Sway In The Morning, Sway Calloway invited the executive to appear on TRL. There, they had an unlikely call-in guest: Roy Wood, Jr.

At 2:00, the comedian apologizes to Prince. “Let me just say, Mr. Prince, that I apologize profusely, and I have ordered three copies of The Art And Science Of Respect.” The onetime mentor to Scarface, Devin The Dude, and Drake replies, “My man. I accept that, Roy; I think you caught me on a bad day or somethin’, man. I didn’t mean no harm.” Both men, as well as Sway, all chuckle.

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Wood then re-tells his story. In the rehash, he compares his Houston exodus to Lebron James’ post-game championship exit. “I ain’t wanna do nothin’ but laugh with him,” Prince explains, admitting that he remembers the phone call. “In person.” Wood points out that James Prince’s slow and direct way of speaking threw him off immediately. “I done hundreds of prank calls; I ain’t heard nobody just take a deep breath and go, ‘where you at?‘” As the comedian asks if he can return to Houston, Prince announces, “We’re good, Roy.”

#BonusBeat: For Rap-A-Lot Heads, J. Prince had a musically-rooted one-hour discussion with AllHipHop. Prince discusses his creative hand in a lot of Geto Boys’ songs, denies subliminally dissing Dr. Dre and N.W.A., and doubles down on why former close associate Suge Knight is “a clown”: